5 truths about running a thin leg

5 truths about running a thin leg

Core tip: Aerobic exercise to lose weight is no longer a new term, and running has become the most common aerobic spokesperson.

Many mms worry that they can’t even exercise until the calves become thicker and their muscles become more developed.

Now Xiaobian is here to take you out of the traditional running misunderstanding!

  Truth 1: Warm-up exercises before warm-up exercises I believe that there is no need to expand the truth, especially before running, stretching the legs is particularly important.

Only when the warm-up is sufficient and the stretch is in place, can the calf “fight” in the “best state”.

  Truth 2: Landing Tips The most important technique for running to lose weight.

Many mm running will use the forefoot to land, easy and effortless to run, but it is not convenient for mm who have thick calves.

The correct way to avoid thickening of the calf is to fall on the heel and jog with the soles of your feet.

It can be sorted into walking races. Think about which calf muscles of the walking racers are too developed?

  Truth 3: The time that aerobic exercise really burns into adults starts after 30 minutes of continuous exercise, so running needs to last more than half an hour.

It should be noted that don’t mistake the higher exercise for better weight loss, just pay attention to the displacement consumed by each exercise is wrong.

Generally, jogging control at 6-8km / hr is enough. The intensity is enlarged and accelerated again, and the conversion of consumption is indeed true, but the calf and the excessive burden that occur will accelerate the muscle growth.

  Truth 4: After the calf stretching exercise, stretching is a firm point for calf shaping.

Here is a trick from the editor. The lazy mms can completely give up the traditional leg kicking. The more convenient way is to stand at a distance from the wall and then manually support the wall.Degrees of angle.

Hold on for 5 minutes, feel the calf muscles are stretched indefinitely, and you can adjust according to your body’s flexibility.

  Truth 5: Do n’t think that the legs are soaked in hot water. The leg plan is one step behind, and that is to stick to your calves with hot water after running.

You can buy a wooden bucket, bubble legs, music reading books, and fully promote blood circulation in the calf.

After soaking, use the lotion to massage the calf. The requirements for the choice of cream are not high. Massage the calf from the bottom to the top.

After applying, gently tap the calf to let the muscles relax completely.