Xiao Fan said:“No,This is free food in the cafeteria,I will pay the money。”

After Lin Yun’er heard what Xiao Fan said, the money was paid by him,Suddenly feel a little handsome?
Lin Yoona nodded to show that he knew,So their company is really a conscience company。
The meals provided are quite qualified,At least he and Xiao Fan are eating the food here and it’s not that unpalatable。
The staff are very happy about what they eat。After all, their company doesn’t bother to squeeze the money,I have to let the employees eat well。
Xiao Fan was eating,Say inside:“Do you want to go to the playground tomorrow?”
“Where can I go to play?,Do you want to go out for a stroll??Didn’t you go shopping recently at work??”
“Don’t buy some clothes or something。The season is about to change,Looks like I have to add more clothes。”
Lin Yuna said:“Don’t,Don’t go out shopping,Once you go shopping, it’s a big consumption。”
“I don’t want to spend a lot of money every time I go out with my girlfriend,I don’t want to go shopping。”
“The two of us went to the amusement park to buy tickets and try all the items,It is estimated that most of the day has passed。”
“Then we have another meal,Come again in the afternoon and play it for a hearty,How nice to go home to sleep at night。”
“Then on Sunday, we stayed at home。Watch movie,Have a good sleep,Cook something for yourself,Isn’t it good??”
Xiao Fan said:“Row,Listen to you anyway,Whatever you don’t want?If you take that to the playground,Let’s buy the tickets when we go home tonight。”
“It’s very convenient to buy tickets online,If you go to the gate of the amusement park then buy a ticket,There should be a lot of people on weekends, there will be long lines。”
“That line,You buy it!”
Xiao Fan imagined the scene Lin Yoona just described in his mind,It’s really beautiful too。
The young couple won’t let Mom come over on weekends at home,Don’t want him to bother them two。Tired of playing on saturday,Take a good rest every week。
Lying down at home sitting,Just stay at home anyway,Two people sitting on the sofa together and playing a good movie on TV,Eating snacks together,Enjoy the world of two。