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First508chapter This little trick,I can’t hide it from my eyes
Because of Garrett2000company’sthinkcenterSuccess,IBMUp and downIBM 5150Market performance is full of expectations。
Why is this?
Very simple,Because ofIBMCorrectthinkcenterUnderstand。
thinkcenterAfter listing,IBMPurchased a batch at the first time,Analyze the competitors’ products and product capabilities,After analysis, they found,Garrett2000ofthinkcenterI walked with my own5150the same“Highly compatible”The way……
This is relieved!
originalIBMStill worriedthinkcenterWill there be any exclusive secrets?,but……Is it highly compatible?Hahaha……Since taking a highly compatible paththinkcenterAchieved such a big success,Then take a highly compatible pathIBM 5150Is there any reason not to succeed?
and soIBM 5150Although the release time is delayed by half a month than in history,canIBMBut right5150Full of confidence,Think byIBMWord of mouth and marketIBMTrust of,5150There is no reason not to explode,then……IBMI was surprised to find,5150On the day of listing,Only sold out5000station。
what’s the situation?
Face this result,IBMSenseless,CEO Ax is also dumbfounded。
Let’s go fishing with two people,All the same fishing rod、The same bait,Even two people are next to each other,WatchingACatch one300Pounds of bluefin tuna,BI feel confident that I can also catch a similar fish,It turned out to be one10Catfish——Although Spanish mackerel is also a good fish,Arguable value,Naturally, there is no way to300Pounds of bluefin tuna are on par。
What else,Consumer demand accumulated in the market has beenthinkcenterIt’s almost consumed,Really the past month,that73WantaithinkcenterWas just thrown into the Pacific?Really, the current personal computer consumer market can be compared with the automobile consumer market.?