“So be it,”Chen Geng waved his hand,Not to mention Statham:“After you go back, choose some reliable ones among those who are willing to join the security department.、Good skill,Follow me from now on,I will take turns to send you to professional security training institutions for professional security training,Treatment,Every month1500Basic salary plus bonus,No cap on bonus,But not lower than500USD。”

“thank you boss。”Statham is overjoyed,Every month2000USD,This is almost three times the salary of American workers, which is an absolute high salary.,The boss is really interesting。
Chen Geng continued:“Follow me,You will definitely be in danger,Maybe you will die because of it,I’ll put the compensation to you first:Because it protects me,The company is responsible for all your medical expenses、1Ten thousand dollars in bonus,In addition……Miss Mary,Are you planning to implement a graded salary system??”
Rosemary:“what do you mean?”
“To protect my injured,From the month of injury,Wage increase10%。”
“OK,no problem。”Rosemary nodded immediately。
“Disabled to protect me,In addition to the company’s full responsibility for medical expenses,Give at the same time3Ten thousand dollars in bonus,Another wage increase30%。After treatment,The company arranges suitable positions for the employee in the company as appropriate。I promise,Unless I made a serious mistake that had a major impact on the company’s operations,Otherwise the company will never fire the employee……”
Chen Geng hasn’t finished speaking yet,Rosemary is in a hurry:“boss……”
Chen Geng waved his hand,Said with a smile:“I know what you mean,But I believe this situation will not be many,The company can afford,I’m personally responsible for the overspending of these employees.。”
Rosemary sighed,Stop talking,Money belongs to the boss,What can i say。
Statham did not speak,But the hand holding the steering wheel,The strength has increased a bit:I’m lucky,Met a good boss with humanity。
Chen Geng continued:“As for those who lost their lives to protect me,3Ten thousand dollars in funeral expenses and20Ten thousand pension,If his child is still under adult,The company will pay him monthly living expenses,The amount of this money is the average American salary for the previous year announced by the Treasury Department.80%,If he goes to college,The company will bear all the expenses during his university,And he paid his living expenses until he graduated from university,If his lover is pregnant,The company will be responsible for the nutrition of pregnant women、Upbringing,And all the expenses until graduation。”
Now even Statham can’t help it anymore:“boss,This is too much,Too much……”
The average American salary in the previous year80%,This sounds a bit missing,But pay attention to this“per capita”,In fact, the annual income of ordinary Americans is far less than“Last year80%”This level,If the average American income in the previous year was $10,000,In fact, the annual income of ordinary Americans may even8000No dollar,Mr. Fernandez is equivalent to paying the child of the dead brother the living expenses of no less than the salary of an ordinary American.,In Statham’s view,This money is too much,Not to mention having to pay the entire cost of his university。
American universities are notoriously expensive,Even a normal university,Tuition for a year can be tens of thousands of dollars,this one,Does not include the cost of teaching materials,A textbook starts at tens of hundreds of dollars……It’s not that Americans are willing to take a loan to go to college,Because they can only take loans to go to college,President O’Hare once said in an interview that he only paid off his university loan several years after graduation.,This is not hypocritical,It’s because this is the reality of the United States:Tuition and teaching materials are too expensive。
And all this,All bybossCarried over,It is equivalent to the starting point when the brothers’ children go to college a lot higher than others,bossThe conditions given are too good,So much so that even Statham thinks this condition is so good。
Rosemary opened her mouth,But didn’t say a word,She knew in her heart,Fernandez is actually using money to buy someone who can help him block bullets at critical moments,For a rich man like him,As long as you can buy a life,20Ten thousand dollars is not much。
Chen Geng thinks so too,He waved his hand:“not much,As long as someone is willing to help me block the bullet,I made it。In addition, I know that the income of the security department may be a little lower,So the employees who entered the security department,Total manpower can be arranged every day20%,Take turns in sales or other departments to do part-time jobs to make money、Learn maintenance technology,It’s a benefit for the security department。
Considering your age now30Up,Then……Retirement age is set at48Years old,48Everyone can apply for retirement from the frontline,Transfer to the second-line management post,Help me manage the company’s security and train new staff……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng looked at Statham,Tao:“Basically that’s it,Do you have anything to add?”