[Can bronchitis drink honey]_Honey_Old Slow Branch_Can you drink

[Can bronchitis drink honey]_Honey_Old Slow Branch_Can you drink

Indeed, bronchitis needs to pay more attention to the diet. Many foods need to be taboo. In addition, eat more foods that are conducive to the treatment of diseases. Many people like to drink honey. It is good for patients with bronchitis to drink honey.Nursing measures.

First, honey has a certain effect of moistening lungs and relieving cough, especially in autumn and winter seasons, which is even more beneficial.

So, unless you have high blood sugar, you can drink it.

Suggestions: Well, as long as the blood sugar is not high, honey is drinkable and very beneficial.

Second, it is recommended to prevent colds, be sure to smoke, see a doctor for anti-inflammatory and symptomatic treatment in the acute stage.

Suggestions: Wear a mask in winter.

Oral honey can usually improve immunity and relieve cough and moisturize the lungs.

Third, honey has the effects of nourishing yin, moistening dryness, nourishing lungs, and detoxifying. There is no obvious contraindication to consumption.

Suggestions: Due to the lung-moisturizing effect of honey, and containing multiple vitamins, minerals, and protein can improve immunity, patients with chronic branch can and can improve discomfort to some extent.

Fourth, yes, drinking honey water for a long time is a good habit and has a good effect on people’s resistance.

Guidance: Bronchitis should be actively treated in the acute stage. You can take some cephalosporin polysaccharide capsules, honey Lianchuanbei cream, etc. for treatment, keep warm.

Fifth, in this case, it is possible to drink a moderate amount of honey water, but it should not be too high, because it is irritating and may increase the possibility of cough.

Guidance: Do not smoke and passive smoking, do not eat spicy and other irritating food, timely throat examination, chest X-ray, blood routine inspection, etc., adhere to treatment is still necessary.

6. Drinking honey water will not aggravate bronchitis, but it will hurt the throat and throat. You can eat more fresh fruits: bananas, honey, Sydney, etc. Drink plenty of water.

Suggestions: Pay attention to keep warm and rest, avoid fatigue, drink plenty of water to avoid smoking, etc., add sufficient doses, you can choose to use antibacterial drugs for treatment if necessary.