Those whitening new tricks you do n’t know


Those whitening new tricks you do n’t know

Whitening new tricks, those things you do not know, hot summer, hurry up and learn!

  Have you ever dreamed that while whitening, you can unknowingly control your oily problem and even make your pores finer.

Whitening, in fact, can not only make you white, as long as it is done properly, it can even completely change your skin condition.

The following will teach you the most complete whitening tricks.

  Whitening is a gradual and chronic process. Initially, whitening is a gradual and chronic process. It is related to genetics, diet, physiology, physiology, external environment, sun and other factors. It is impossible to become Snow White overnight.

Whitening freckle must get a well-known large hospital or beauty salon to find a professional cosmetologist, but also according to their skin quality and human health.

  Whitening freckle should follow the individualized plan. Second, whitening freckle should follow the individualized plan. Different skin tones should replace different whitening freckle products, for example: oily skin needs supplements such as cream, milk, gel, etc .; dry skin should replace cream, Oil and whitening products with moisturizing ingredients; sensitive skin should choose products without additives, preservatives and other additives to avoid causing allergic skin reactions.

Contains harmful substances, that is, the effect of changes in time on the skin while whitening, such as individual beauty salons or whitening freckle products chasing pure economic benefits, adding glucocorticoids to their products, and short-term skin texture after applicationThe inside is getting better and better, but the skin will appear pigmentation, atrophy, capillary dilatation, folliculitis, skin ulcers and other changes over time. If you want to recover, it is simply a nightmare.

  Really beautiful skin is by no means pure white. Finally, really beautiful skin is by no means pure white. Albinism is a genetic disorder of melanin synthesis. The patient’s skin is very white. Due to the lack of melanin protection, photophobia occurs.Tears, prone to sunburn and other symptoms, but also easily cause solar dermatitis and skin cancer. I believe that no one is willing to try this pathological white. What we are pursuing is healthy and vibrant white.