How Many Hidden Words Are Men’s Gifts

How Many “Hidden Words” Are Men’s Gifts

What do men really think when they give gifts?
Is it to please you?
Or don’t you ask?
From the difference of the gift giver, analyze his personality and how he feels and attempts at you.
12 gifts, 12 secrets hidden behind the gifts, can’t wait to tell you.
  On the annual Valentine’s Day, in addition to having dinner together, watching a movie, and talking about some sweet and dead lives, the most direct way to express affection is to give gifts.
Sending a small gift represents your heart; giving a generous gift represents your feelings.
  礼物一:  你预测他会送你的礼物是:钻石、黄金、珠宝 男人爱的是:你的好心情 他的欲望指数:57分  你的他希望你每天都有一个好心情,不管付出再多Even if it takes several months of salary to buy a small diamond you like, he is willing to (whether it is saving money or accumulating credit card installments).
As long as I can give you a smile, everything is very worthwhile for him!
  The man who gave this gift was: a strong conscious man.
If it is sent by an ordinary male friend, this person must have a deep and sufficient friendship with you, otherwise he wants to declare his status and hope to have the opportunity to become a formal boyfriend., Means to propose.
The man who chooses to give this kind of gift has a strong self-awareness and feels that the relationship is under control. When he gives you a diamond necklace or gold bracelet, you will feel that he is really playing with this relationship.
  礼物二:  你预测他会送你的礼物是:性感内衣 男人爱的是:你的性感 他的欲望指数:96分  你的性感对他有无比的杀伤力,特别在于举手投足之间所散发出的The temptation, for some reason he is so fascinated by you, enough to let him spread his hands and catch himself.
  The man who gave this gift was: a wild man.
In fact, the act of sending underwear will make women have two extreme feelings, either good or bad.
If it is sent by an ordinary male friend, a woman will feel perverted, think that this person has evil intentions, intentions, reveries, and even more abrupt, unless the underwear he sent is a sexually suggestive and cute style, otherwise he would be too revealing.Close personal intention.
If it is sent by a boyfriend, it is completely the opposite. Sending sexy underwear to a boyfriend can increase the interest and clearly praise your sexy and feminine side. It has an effect on improving sex and love.
  礼物三:  你预测他会送你的礼物是:情趣用品 男人爱的是:你的身体 他的欲望指数:91分  男人天性好色真是个改不了的事实,他想要的是你的激情,和Enjoy each other ‘s body; you also understand the truth about food quality, depending on whether you feel that the relationship with him is really so close, or that this man is just a personality embryo.
  The man who gave this gift was a humorous man.
If it was sent by an ordinary male friend, he might not dare to send condoms and sex toys on the bed, but he would prefer to pack interesting and fun condoms and underwear flowers, otherwise it would look too momentous and not stable enough.The man who will give this kind of gift wants to test how well a woman accepts sex; if it is sent by a boyfriend, he hopes that he will be better and more interactive in sex. Such men will work very hardCreate life interest and actively create sparks in life.
  礼物四:  你预测他会送你的礼物是:3C类用品 男人爱的是:你的智能 他的欲望指数:38分  也许他不是很浪漫,甚至有些呆头鹅,但正因为他的老实与Mune, so I can’t help but fall in love with your cleverness; the complementary role makes him feel that you are a perfect match, and whenever you think seriously, it is his favorite expression.
  The man who gave this gift was: a rational but possessive man.
If it is sent by an ordinary male friend, he is a very pragmatic, attentive and practical person, and will choose practical things to donate.
If it ‘s from your boyfriend, it means his possessiveness is strong. He hopes you can think of him when listening to music, using a PDA, or using a mobile phone. But he can also say that he cares about you, and hopes to be ready for youGoods, such men are usually rational but possessive.
  礼物五:  你预测他会送你的礼物是:信用卡附卡 男人爱的是:你的温顺 他的欲望指数:69分  你的他拥有着绝对的支配欲,他喜欢给你现实的收获,喜欢You are like a meek and elegant cat; he is a manly man who is also very big.
  The man who gave this gift was a big man.
If an ordinary male friend sends you a credit card with an attached card, he seems to be telling you, “You can consider me!
You can leave your life to me!
I can afford you!
If it ‘s a boyfriend ‘s gift, he hopes you can buy what you like, and he says to you, “Be my wife!”
This type of man is masculine and also shows a bit of show off.