“what?Is Monkey King so scary??I will be careful after Sanqi,too frightening。”

After Sanqi heard what Big Brother Nezha said,,Look at the gentleman Monkey King on the live broadcast screen,Horrified,So A-niang was right,The outside world is dangerous,She must be careful。
“The woman in black is weird,The Monkey King group members should not be sure they can kill the black woman without leaving any troubles.,So just pretend to be affectionate,After a while, he will make a ruthless shot。”
“It’s hard to be a member of Monkey King,You can still play like this,Really interesting。”
After Jingtian heard Nezha’s words,With emotion,After Sun Wukong logs into the chat group hall for a while,He must laugh at Monkey King fiercely,Not long ago, I wanted to accompany the black woman through the world。
After a while, he was ready to directly kill the black woman,It’s really Monkey King’s style,I just don’t know if the woman in black believes in Monkey King’s disguise。
“correct,Crassula,Did you talk to the Monkey King about the tavern in the sky??”
After Nezha suddenly remembered what Sun Wukong said before,,Curiously asked,He didn’t talk to Monkey King about the Tavern in the Sky,And that member of the magic sword group shouldn’t,Mostly Jingtian and Monkey King said。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Please enter the urn
“What happened to the Heavens Pub??I said when I went to the world where the new member Luo Chen was with the Monkey King group member,I didn’t expect the Monkey King group members to open their eyes and talk nonsense.。”
“in fact,I think the Monkey King group members are still too decisive,If this woman in black is really tempted by the Monkey King group,Why does the Monkey King group members need to take action??”
“Take the black woman directly back to the territory of the monster,Then you can prepare for the wedding,It’s also simpler,No need for such complicated intrigue。”
Sedum leaning on a chair,After hearing Nezha’s question,Said quietly,He really thinks that if the woman in black is tempted by Monkey King,How good is it to return directly to the territory of the demon clan?
As for the female fairy Zixia Fairy that Monkey King brought back from the parallel world,Jingtian felt that with Monkey King’s method of opening his eyes and telling lies,Will take care of these trivial matters。
“but,Can King Sedum guarantee that what the woman in black said is true??What traveler who left from Ancestral Star?What traveler fellow?”
“How could there be such a coincidence in this world?Didn’t Ying Zheng also use this method to allow his clone to follow the foreigner named Song Chen?”
“Who can guarantee that this woman in black is not a clone or disciple of a strong man??Monkey King can’t afford to gamble,Yaozu can’t afford to gamble。”
“in fact,If this happens to me,It’s easier to kill the black woman directly,There is no need to make some conspiracies。”