“It’s just that the tomb robbers didn’t know the important historical value of the jade pig dragon.,I just sold it abroad as ordinary ancient jade,By chance,Jade Pig Dragon was discovered by Lily’s great-grandfather Qiao Yuanshan。”

“Qiao Yuanshan saw that the jade pig dragon was a typical ancient Chinese jade,And the shape is strange and beautiful,So I spent a lot of money to buy it,Want to return the jade pig dragon to the motherland。”
“Of course,After the patriotic overseas Chinese Qiao Yuanshan became famous in those years,Explore high-end auctions in Europe and America,And specialize in the cultural relics of China living abroad,The cultural relics bought are not just a jade pig dragon。”
“But because of China’s wars in previous years,Qiao Yuanshan is worried that a large number of cultural relics will not be properly resettled after returning to China,Later, Huaxia went through a period of retreat,The relationship between China and the United States is more tense,So until death,Qiao Yuanshan failed to return those cultural relics to his motherland as he wished。”
“So while dying,Qiao Yuanshan distributed the collected cultural relics to the descendants of Qiao family,And warned future generations that they must bring those cultural relics back to China one day,The old man’s wish。”
“And Lily’s mother,Qiao Hanfei,Three precious cultural relics were also allocated that year,Jade pig dragon pendant,Jadeite old pit jade bracelet and purple diamond silver box,Later Qiao Hanfei left these three cultural relics to Lily。”
“Lost her mother because she was young,And those three treasures are the only things my mother left for Lily,So Lily has always kept those three treasures as the most precious things。”
“Especially the jade pig dragon,Lily is even more like wearing a treasure,In her own words,Only always feel the jade pig dragon,She feels her mother is always by her side,She will feel at ease!”
“And this time Lily gave the jade pig dragon to Lily,It can be regarded as the Jade Pig Dragon returning to China after decades。”
First0473chapter The mysterious magic of Jade Pig Dragon
“Oh oh,So that’s what happened!”After Michelle understood the ins and outs of the jade pig dragon,Nodded vigorously。
“But I still don’t understand,Since that piece of jade pig dragon means so much to Lily,Then why did Lily give Jade Pig Dragon to Xiao Nizi who hadn’t known each other for a few days??”
“Moreover,Even if Lily wants to send the jade pig dragon back home,Why didn’t she give such a valuable thing as Jade Pig Dragon to the National Museum for collection,So as not to damage the cultural relics,It’s for Xiao Nizi who is not bright in her head?”
“Hey,Lily is helping me atone!”Qiao Tianyu said sadly。
“Atonement?What do you mean?”Michelle asked curiously。
Qiao Tianyu only told Michelle about how he made Xiao Nizi crazy.,Michelle nodded vigorously after listening。
“Oh oh,I understand,Lily gave the jade pig dragon to Xiao Nizi,I want my second uncle to sell Jade Pig Dragon for a lot of money,So I can see Xiao Nizi,right?”
“To you big head!”Qiao Tianyu heard Lily say that it is irrelevant,I was so angry that I knocked Michelle on the forehead,Said badly。
“Lily’s father is the president of the investment department of Morgan Stanley, the world’s second largest investment bank,The mother is Qiao Hanfei who owns billions of fortunes,Lily’s inheritance will last forever。”