Yoga beauty, create a beauty index of 100 points

Yoga beauty, create a beauty index of 100 points

Summer is always a woman’s patent. Turn on the TV and open the fashion magazines. The beautiful clothes of exclusive women make many men sigh secretly: it’s good to be a woman.

This summer, a more sexy fashion style is coming as expected, and all the beautiful MMs are eager to try it: strapless tube tops, oblique raglan tops, suspender skirts, etc., but all of them are just wearing sexy thin summer clothes, The imperfect figure was exposed, and he took off in a hurry before taking a picture in the mirror, leaving a beloved dress on the bottom of the box.

I can only look at the beauties on the street with envy, full of charming women in front of myself.

  In the blink of an eye, I was at a loss among the dazzling variety of weight loss methods: Want to diet?

It’s too expensive to pay, and it’s all glorious, all at the loss; continuous aerobics?

Large exercise intensity may also cause local muscle development and sports injury, and it is difficult to persist. Once you stop, your weight will rise linearly; take various diet pills and drink various diet teas?

You’ve seen a few stellar stars get their weight loss pills.

However, yoga weight loss methods can give you unexpected surprises: 1, fat-reducing arms, beauty index 15: summer is here, when you look at other people’s fat and moderate arms, it really doesn’t taste good.

Through yoga practice, you can eliminate your aunt on your arm, and you will be able to “jade arm to the wind”.

  2, plastic legs and thin legs, beauty index 20: shaping the slim and beautiful legs that every woman desires and pursues.

  3, enjoy a thin waist, beauty index 20: Under normal circumstances, the ratio of waist to hip circumference should be approximately 0.


The waist curve is the key to the body’s curvaceousness. If the waist is just right, even the chest is not full, and the hips are not warped.

  4. Belly and beautiful buttocks, beauty index 20: All people don’t like their stomachs to bulge and their chests to sag.

Afraid of making fun of others?

In fact, as long as the posture is corrected through yoga movements, the position of the hips will be raised a little, and the abdomen will naturally tighten.

  5. Breast enhancement and beauty, beauty index 20: The breast is the most sexually attractive organ of a woman. If you want to be more charming, microwave, please exercise quickly!

  6, curvy back, beauty index 15: Be a sexy woman, the end curve with zero faults is definitely your greatest chance of winning.

Remember, an elegant woman may not necessarily look good-looking, but it must not be a woman who walks on her back with a bloated body.

  Contrast the above-mentioned beauty index, please look in the mirror immediately: What is your current beauty index?

  If the answer is below 35, it means that your current figure is really uncomfortable and you must act now!

  If the answer is 40-60, although I barely said in the past, I believe that those sexy clothes you still dare not wear out openly, but had fun at home.

  The answer is 80-95, nothing to wear, but be careful!

You need to work hard to maintain a good figure. If you don’t pay attention, you will fall into the above two categories!

  Above 95 is a natural beauty, but if you really want to wear a taste like a supermodel, elegant temperament is more important!