Someone is not welcomed by professional society

Someone is not welcomed by professional society

Shark type: self-righteous, feel good about themselves, unwilling to cooperate with others.

If such a person goes on his own way, it will inevitably be enough to isolate himself and be easily abandoned by the professional society that advocates “team spirit”.

  Antique type: sticking to the rules, unwilling to even refuse anything new, old-fashioned.

In this way, people who cannot actively adapt to changing times have only a dead end.

  Machine type: Send an instruction, the button will move, and a proactive spirit will be generated.

Think about this kind of people who are willing to change in a rapidly changing society?

  Horn type: Wow wow, just shout not to do it, or thunder and rain are small, and it is easier to lose opportunities in competition when you are divided with those who do less talk and more.

  Fox-type: Future society needs real doers, not conspirators.

The combination of intelligence and morality will make the world invincible.

  Lazy: In market competition, those who are slow to move and inefficient will be no doubt sunk by the tide of competition.

  Multi-disease type: Damage to the body is not only a loss but also a problem for the collective. This matter must not be taken lightly.