Suddenly,There was a flash of blue light on the black armor,His whole armor is restarted,Maneuver resumed。

The flame just now is hot,Almost crashed this powerful armor,And that god comes with a knife,Almost killed him。
The black man was obviously frightened,Then it was furious,He stretched out his arm,Pull out the iron slasher from his neck,Squeak the handle of the knife。
“Good knife!It really is a good knife!It’s a pity that you have to drink your master’s blood today!”The black armor’s voice is a bit hoarse,Obviously it should have suffered some internal injuries,But his tone is very gloomy,There is no doubt what he will do next。
The black armored man holds the iron sword,Step by step towards the dazed Tu Shanming。
Tu Shanming lay motionless on the ground,Unconscious,All the power in his body has been exhausted in the blow just now,Even the vitality is overdrawn,Can’t resist the opponent’s attack at all。
The defense master strictly guards the copper and sees it,Struggling forward,Want to stop each other,But he just took over the spear shadow,Already at the end,Just raised his leg,Blood splashed all over the body immediately,Slammed to the ground。
Strictly guarding the copper body is already full of holes,Only one breath left,Can’t help Tu Shanming at all。
now,The closest to the three of them on the airport runway,Only Hu Lin。
Although Hu Lin is a weak woman,But at this critical moment,But showed great courage。
This girl rushed forward,Open arms,In front of Tu Shanming。
“He has passed out,Do you still hurt someone who has no ability to resist??I started the live broadcast,Hundreds of millions of people watch online,Are you sure you still have to do it?”Hu Lin exclaimed。
The atmosphere in the live broadcast room was ignited again,Everyone is crazy,Say everything。
“Hu Lin!Don’t be impulsive!That guy is inhuman!be careful!”
One thousand two hundred and fifty-four chapters You do not deserve
Hundreds of millions of viewers watching the live broadcast,Most of them are ordinary people,They have never been on the battlefield,I have never seen such a cruel person,Even the injured opponent refused to let go。
And they admire Miss Hu Lin’s courage more,Facing such a terrible person,A monster that can’t even burn energy flames,She dared to rush to stop the atrocities。
The black man seems to have never thought of a weak woman like Hu Lin,Dare to step forward to stop,Still using the reprimanding tone,He just hesitated for a moment,He immediately raised the Iron Slasher in his hand,Swipe。