Linhai’s racing club due to land restrictions,Built on the sky platform of commercial street buildings,And all built a non-profit fixed simulation racing club。

The Chentang Village residential area in the front row will be transformed in the second phase,Because the resettlement house has not been built。
The sound of machines in daily construction、The sound of diamonds one after another,Made Tian Lu almost a nervous breakdown,If it weren’t for Chen Amei’s rental house,Tian Lu will also prepare to contact the building materials market to make a soundproof glass。
Shenglan International Optoelectronics’ residential renovation in Chentang Village,Actually keep the original style unchanged,Upgrade on the basis,This is with the consent of all residents,Is it mandatory or propaganda effect,In the end, the residents agreed,This is the basis for the transformation。
Chen Amei has become very calm now,I don’t seem to care about the rent and making money from live broadcasts.。This girl is also weird,Let go of such a big business,A stable career for seeking employment,A career with social stability,This is a realm。
Tian Lu secretly admires Chen Amei’s choice in money and career,Sane enough、Know how to choose,I think Amei Chen will definitely make achievements in the future。
Often thinking,Empathy,If Tian Lu is from Chen Amei’s perspective,,Maybe she will give up the career of Shenglan International Optoelectronics,To focus on high income,And get a good reputation in a short time。Would rather be a layman,Ugh,Everyone has aspirations,I can’t blame others“Shortsighted”,People have realm。
Days are like smoke,In a blink of an eye, the transformation of Chentang Village Commercial Street is taking shape。Tian Lu and Chen Amei have been working at Shenglan International Optoelectronics for some time。
Young man,Always ask for progress,Tian Lu and Chen Amei worked very hard。
just,Chen Amei is working in a different direction,She thinks that wearing professional clothes is the most noble profession,and,I hope to find a handsome man in business attire to be her husband,I hope my future husband will be more temperamental than my ex、Capable but handsome,Ex-husband,of course,Not deliberately,This is how she positioned her future husband,She hopes to use her character and talents to win the favor of handsome men in the business world。
But Tian Lu is different,She hopes to realize the value of life through her own efforts,The most important thing is to make money,Improve the family’s quality of life,This is her original intention,Never wavered。
The fighting spirit of two women,Colleagues see it,Of course I can’t escape Xia Meihan“Dharma Eye”,He also intends to train these two female middle school backbones。
This is not,Close to get off work,Xia Meihan received a call,It was a gathering of several department managers,By the way, bring the most proud of the backbone to share their experiences,Conducive to employee growth,The key is to know how to drink,The manager of a department on the other end of the call gritted his throat,In the end, people who laughed a meter away can hear clearly。
Only the more familiar will speak out,Just kidding、Boasting。
Xia Meihan’s eyes swept away,Look at the workplace through the glass,Tian Lu and Chen Amei are packing up the materials and leaving them neatly.,Xia Meihan quickly stopped them。
Two people stopped at the same time,Catering to Xia Meihan。
“There is nothing wrong with you two after get off work?”Xia Meihan asked with a smile,Looks very kind。
After Tian Lu and Chen Amei looked at each other, they looked at Xia Meihan a little dazedly,Secretly guess the next question,Tian Lu thought for a moment,Isn’t she asking them to stay and work overtime again?。Interesting reading