[Can I drink porridge for dinner to lose weight]_ Dinner_ Slimming

[Can I drink porridge for dinner to lose weight]_ Dinner_ Slimming

Speaking of drinking porridge is actually very good, nourishing the stomach and digesting it is good for the body, and the porridge has less water and less rice, less starch, and less conversion., Can also promote metabolism, digestion and absorption, so drinking porridge does not make people fat.

If you want to lose weight, drinking porridge without eating at night is not a good way. The reason is very simple. Drinking porridge can make people hungry fast.

Now let ‘s talk about drinking porridge for dinner to lose weight?

The main nutrition of porridge is carbohydrate and it is liquid.

According to research, when gastric ulcer hormones increase in the body, people feel aging and develop a strong appetite.

And sugar, protein and other nutrients can inhibit gastric ulcer hormones, making people feel full.

To list proteins, sugars are less capable of inhibiting gastric ulcer hormones.

If you don’t eat protein at one meal and simply eat a small amount of high food, you will quickly feel aging.

In other words, if you drink porridge, you will soon feel old in the evening.

In the dry state, people are more eager to eat high-fat, high-sugar foods.

This makes it easy to get fat.

Therefore, you can’t drink porridge alone at night, you should pair it with some protein-rich and fiber-rich foods.

In addition, it is recommended not to cook only white porridge if it is cooked at night.

You can add some ingredients to make a pot of mixed cereal porridge.

Below, I recommend several recipes for multi-grain porridge.

First, yam porridge material: alkaline rice, yam, barley rice Practice: soak rice, barley rice for 8 hours after washing.

Wash and peel yam and cut into pieces.

Pour the water from the rice with the rice into the pot.

Add the yam block and turn to low heat after the fire has boiled.

Turn off the heat after making the rice soup sticky. About an hour and a half, you can turn off the heat.

Second, red bean porridge rice porridge material: red beans, barley, water, rock sugar practices: red bean porridge rice porridge, prepare the same amount of red beans and barley, after washing, red beans need to soak for about two hours, soaked rice for one hour.

Then you need to cook the red beans first, because it takes a little longer, add some cold water after boiling, and then add cold water after boiling, so that red beans are easy to bloom and ripe, and it is said to be more fragrant.

After the red beans are cooked and bloomed, add indica rice. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and cook until it is sticky. Season with rock sugar.