Yoga five-style thin waist thin legs come together

Yoga five-style thin waist thin legs come together

Core Tip: Squeeze out the time you spend in games or dazes for five minutes every day, follow my rhythm, play soft music, relax your tension, take a deep breath, and perform our great “slim waist and thin legs” exercise together.

  1. Flat type ① Kneel on the ground like an animal crawling fat, must be straight.

  ② Bend and bend your elbows to the ground to support the whole person.

  ③ Inhale, straighten your knees and lift your crotch so that your feet and hips are in line.

  ④ Exhale and keep breathing 3-5 times.

  ⑤ Inhale, bend and bend, move the center of gravity forward, lower the crotch.

  ⑥ Exhale and maintain breathing movement 3-5 times.

  2, side triangle ① stand upright, hands on hips, eyes looking forward.

  ② Inhale, stretch your right foot forward for about two steps, and stretch your left foot for the same distance.

  ③ Exhale, straighten your left hand and hold your head high.

  ④ Inhale, bend your body forward, make your body parallel to the ground, and touch your right foot with your left hand.

  ⑤ Straighten your right hand and lift it up, transform it into a line with your left hand, look up to the tip of your right finger, and exhale.

  ⑥ Keep breathing 1-2 times and repeat while changing sides.

  3. Infant style ① Inhale, sit on the ground kneeling, keep aiming on the ground, step on the heel, and keep your upper body upright.

  ② Bend forward so that your forehead touches the ground, your abdomen is close to your thighs, hold your heels with your hands and exhale.

  ③ Maintain 3-5 breathing movements.

  4, mountain-type variant ① into a mountain-type protruding, chest and abdomen, chin slightly closed eyes looking forward, legs clamped, inhale.

  ② Put your hands together into your back, and exhale.

  ③ Move the center of gravity to your right foot, lift your left foot straight forward, raise it about half your arm, and inhale.

  ④ Lower your left foot and exhale.

  ⑤ Kick the right foot backwards, kick your body slightly forward, and inhale.

  ⑥ Restore and exhale.

Repeat the foot change.

  5, bow-style ① prone, limbs straight, straight forward.

  ② Inhale and bend your right knee so that your calf leg is leaning toward the back of your thigh, and your left hand will hold your right foot and step on it.