Do n’t: Do n’t eat milk chocolate

Do n’t: Do n’t eat milk chocolate

Milk has a high nutritional value and was once known as the “perfect food”.

However, drinking milk has a lot of stress. If it can’t be done properly, milk will not only not help the body, it may also cause some harm.

So, what kind of method is incorrect?

  1. Don’t drink raw milk, drink fresh milk to heat at high temperature to prevent illness from entering the mouth; 2. Some people are used to drinking milk on an empty stomach.

Because of fasting, the bowels move quickly.

Moreover, the protein in the milk you drink at this time will be quickly converted into energy and consumed.

Absorbed, it is discharged to the large intestine, causing waste virtually.

It is best to eat something or 3 before drinking milk. 80% of the protein in milk is casein. When the pH of milk is 4.
When it is below 6, a large amount of casein will aggregate, precipitate, and be difficult to digest and absorb. In severe cases, it may cause indigestion or diarrhea.

Therefore, it is not suitable to add acidic drinks such as fruit juice to milk.

  4. Some people like to use milk instead of boiling water to take medicine. In fact, milk significantly affects the body’s absorption of the drug. Milk easily forms a covering film on the surface of the drug, so that calcium, magnesium and other minerals in the milk chemically react with the drug to form a non-water solubleSexual substances, which affect the release and absorption of medicinal effects.

Do not drink milk for 1 hour before or after taking the medicine.

  5. It is not advisable to drink more cold milk, because cold milk will affect the function of gastrointestinal movements, cause mild diarrhea, and make the nutrients in milk unable to be absorbed by the human body.

  6. It is not suitable for long-term high temperature cooking.

The protein in milk is transformed from a sol state to a gel state by high temperature, resulting in precipitation and reduced nutritional value.

You can eat while eating.

  7, milk and (dark) chocolate can not be eaten together for two reasons: reason one, the ingredients in chocolate will destroy the calcium in milk, making calcium unable to absorb.

In this way, some of the nutrition of milk can not be taken up. To put it plainly, it means that part of the milk is drunk.

  Reason two, the composition of milk will affect the beneficial effects of chocolate on the human body. For example, antioxidants and antithrombotic ingredients cannot be exerted in the presence of milk.

  It can be seen that milk is indeed rich in nutrients, is a convenient, affordable, economical and nutritious food, and is worthy of vigorous promotion.

What I didn’t expect is that there is so much knowledge in ordinary milk!

In fact, it’s not just milk, everything in the world contains a lot of knowledge, waiting for us to discover and explore!