Symptomatic fish can eat its nutrition

Symptomatic fish can eat its nutrition

The nutritional value of fish is extremely high. If you can eat fish symptomatically, it will show its value.

Fish do not transmit bird flu, so citizens can eat fish with confidence.

  Fish, beneficial water swelling, qi and spleen, Tongmai under the milk, clearing heat and detoxification, etc., treating swelling ascites, less maternal milk, stomach sagging, prolapse of anus and other symptoms.

  Banded fish can supplement the five internal organs, expel wind, and kill insects. It is especially suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, and dry skin.

Targeting persistent hepatitis, adjuvant therapy for chronic hepatitis.

Eat strips of fish or moisturize the skin, keeping the skin preset and elastic.

  Carp, diuretic swelling, qi and spleen, the effect of milk under the pulse.

Indications: edema, impotence, etc.

  Grass carp has the effects of pacifying the liver, expelling wind, and activating bile.

The ancients believed that steaming food and treating headache and wind deficiency are particularly good.

  Loach has warming and nourishing qi, clearing urination, detoxifying and collecting hemorrhoids.

Can cure hot and humid jaundice, unfavorable urination, night sweats and other symptoms.