Is there any relationship between cancer and normal health care?

Is there any relationship between cancer and normal health care?

Cai pair pays attention to health care, likes sports, does not smoke or drink, and has a physical examination every year.

One day, when I got a cancer, my body got cancer. It was really unpredictable and my fate was unpredictable.

Some people pay special attention to health, exercise, smoking and drinking, and there are no bad habits. The doctors say that they may not cause or avoid contact with cancer, but they may eventually get cancer.

It can be seen that it will not have cancer, and it has nothing to do with whether or not to pay attention to health care or to do well.

There are also people who go to check the body often, but the last check is still cancer, even advanced cancer.

It can be seen that it is of no effect to check the body, or to do a day when the monk hits the sky, and it is a day of happiness. Anyway, will it eventually get cancer, and God has the final say.

Is that true?

This is of course a misunderstanding. Most of them are partial and comprehensive. You can’t use the example of a few people to prove the whole population.

In fact, many cancers (and certainly not all cancers) can be reduced by preventive measures because of many common cancers (with cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, cervical cancer, etc.) and smoking, alcohol, environmental pollution, poor diet and life.The way is related, and these can be changed. If you can change the bad lifestyle, quit smoking, stay away from pollution, etc., the probability of getting cancer will be reduced.

Of course, it is only a reduction in probability. The reduction in probability does not mean that it will definitely not be cancerous. Moreover, the so-called health care of many people is not scientific.

In addition, genetic factors sometimes play an important role, and we really can’t change this.

If you work hard, you won’t necessarily get the best results, but you won’t be sure that you won’t have good grades.

For those who work hard, he has more chances of success and a higher probability.

There are accidents in life, but more is inevitable.

Start from the little things around us and change the bad lifestyles we can do. This kind of smoking cessation, the kind of non-alcoholism, don’t eat too much junk food, at least these are not bad.

Many people always think that there is a hundred anti-cancer secrets. In fact, anti-cancer is in the details of life, just in the “persistence” of the details.

As the saying goes, the embankment of a thousand miles, collapsed in the ant hole, carelessness of small things, will lead to a major disaster.

Don’t be small and don’t do it. Don’t be evil.