Simple massage method for anal lower back pain

Simple massage method for anal lower back pain

Low back pain is one of the common diseases in life, involving a wide range of lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, piriformis syndrome, lumbar vertebrae hyperplasia or hypertrophy, facet joint disorder, spinal canal fracture, hipThe main symptoms of epithelial neuritis and other diseases, the main clinical manifestations: low back pain and even lower limb pain, activity, etc., bring great pain and inconvenience to patients’ life and work.

Long-term low back pain and even harm to the human body, but also affect people’s quality of life and work efficiency.

However, too many people cannot get effective rehabilitation and treatment for various reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to learn some simple self-health knowledge.

  Chinese medicine massage can adjust the body’s qi and blood yin and yang, ventilate blood, promote blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain, restore local muscle spasm, promote local blood, lymph circulation, improve blood supply to the skin.

There is a saying that “the general rule is not painful, the pain is not acceptable”, and now we introduce several common simple massage methods, as follows: the waist is partially covered, and the two legs are separated by the same shoulder width.

Two hands clenched fists, fists, that is, the thumb and forefinger side of the fist, rubbed against the waist and rubbed up and down.

Wipe from the crotch, from bottom to top, reset high, and the speed of wiping is faster.

Rub it dozens of times until you feel the skin is hot.

  The hips are the same as above.

Use the palm of your hand to stick to the ipsilateral head, turn it clockwise or counterclockwise for dozens of times, then use the other hand to rub the other side of the cheekbones.

How much retinal pain is painful.

  Press the gate station or seat.

Hold the door of the door with one or both hands.

The hole is in the depression below the spinous process of the second lumbar spine.

Apply a force to the hole until it feels a little sore, then shake it dozens of times.

  The Shenshushu point is the same as above.

Hold the Shenshu point with the thumb of one hand.

The hole is below the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, which is about two fingers wide outside the life gate.

When the force is applied to the hole, there is a feeling of soreness, and after a sufficient soreness reaction, it is shaken several times.

Then use the other hand to press the other side of the Shenshu point and shake.

  Push the waist and hips to take advantage of the left bow.

With the right palm, the tiger’s mouth is separated, the thumb is in front, push the same side of the waist, then push down hard, push the hips until the thighs and calves, the body can also bend to the right.

Then right bow and arrow advantage.

Push the knees, hips and legs with your left hand.

Push 4-10 times alternately.

  Bend your legs and stand on the bed. You can also sit on the bed.

Straighten your legs and slowly bend forward. At the same time, use both hands to pinch the muscles in front of the thighs and calves, pinch to the low position, preferably to the back of the foot, repeat 5-10 times.

When you bend forward, your head should be raised.

  Push the waist to stand, with your feet apart and shoulder width.

With both hands on the hips, the thumb is in front.

First push from the left waist with the right palm, forward and left; then use the left palm to push from the left waist, backwards and right.

Pushing dozens of times can also be pushed in the opposite direction.

  The waist position is the same as above.

Hold the hollow boxing in both hands and gently slam the double waist with the punching eye, from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top, for a total of 20-30 times.

  Because of the many causes of low back pain, we alleged that patients with this symptom should go to the hospital first. It is a wise choice to choose the appropriate massage method under the recommendation of a professional doctor under the alternative diagnosis.