When Liu Niu’er mentioned the word “ling pet”,Wei Xiaoxing wilted immediately。

Good guy,Ranked the first auxiliary mutant among the martial arts students of Beibu University,To the exotic world,If you dare to love, you only mix with a pet?
Fortunately, the pet is not alone,There is also an old spirit who spoils Sa Huan but doesn’t know it!Wei Xiaoxing thinks about it and thinks it’s pretty good,Don’t speak at all,Just squint at Liu Niu’er。
“You know a fart!I am testing,Is this place monitored。If that girl heard what I said,Emotions will definitely fluctuate。”Wei Xiaoxing sneered pretendingly。
“You brat,Isn’t it big or small??Believe it or not i cut you!”Liu Niu’er suddenly furious,Raise your hand。
Lu Menglin looked at these two powerful guys,Can’t help but have some joy。
Although everyone is in a big foreign city,Can be said to be in danger,But still so optimistic,Vitality is really tenacious。
“okay!No monitoring here,You two stay and trip your mouth!He Bu,You go outside with me。”Lu Menglin smiled。
He Bu froze for a moment,Tao:“Miss Xi said,Isn’t it safe outside??”
Lu Menglin laughed,Patted him on the shoulder,Tao:“Little Hob,When did you become so obedient?”
This remark,Not only He Bu was taken aback,Even Wei Xiaoxing and Liu Niu’er were startled。
Because they are all aware of a serious problem,The reason why the three gods are so friendly to Hebu,Because they all think He Bu is also a god。
And is He Bu a god of the nation??In fact, except for Lu Menglin,The others have no bottom,Even He Bu himself,I’m afraid I’m also hesitating and struggling。
If He Bu is really a god nation,Then his identity and position are embarrassing。
Could he help the humans on earth,Fight against foreign land,Against your own people??