Tony Dog gets tired and injured,Actually fell asleep slowly。

Tian Lu sitting in the living room,Thinking,It’s not like a stray dog,But why does it appear in the woods?Why is the owner of the dog so careless?。If this is human,Such a serious injury must be difficult to withstand,Take it to the pet hospital after dawn tomorrow,Prevent wound infection。
Tian Lu lightly covered it with one of his own waste clothes,Go back to the room and close the door and rest。
Outside the window,So quiet that you can hear the grasshopper calling。
Mid-Levels Apartments,Brightly lit。Chen Limu is losing his temper with Li De and others。
“Go to the street today,How can I lose the Jack I have been feeding for years。”Chen Limu hardly loses his temper,Now the sound is roaring like an earthquake。
“Yang Zi,When did you find out that Jack was missing,How can this be good?”Chen Limu walked around anxiously。
Yang Zi bowed her head wronged:“Soon after you and Li De went out,no no,I can’t tell what time it is,Just inadvertently。”
“How do you take care of your home?Something missing,Not to mention living creatures,Are you responsible!”Chen Limu,Almost put that sentence“Paid you,You have to do your duty”Hurt words。
Chen Limu is anxious,Also restrained。
Yang Zi never saw Chen Limu lose his temper,Knowing that it must be a mistake in managing logistics by myself,Tears of self-blame for not listening。
Chen Limu saw Yangzi crying,Soften up,Intonation:“Don’t blame you,Jack is the dog I have raised for five years,So cute,Gone,I’m also a little anxious,It’s you,Will be so。”
The driver Li De persuades:“Let’s try our best to find,There is always negligence。”
“Then quickly find,Even if it’s a dog hunting notice。”Chen Limu said,“Dogs are the best memory,Generally do not get lost,Don’t make any accidents。”Chen Limu’s eyes blurred,Wish Jack nothing,Said without confidence。
A family waiter came over,Said:“When you and Li De went out this morning,Jack ran past with the car。”