“Let’s talk after the exam,Everyone thank me,I have to think about what gift I want,Also very distressed。”Chen Wenjin had a few words with Hui,Hui said Xiao Gao and Tao Zi are here,Send the calls in turn。

Peach’s thanks are simple,Finished,Saying that Lin is here too,So the call was passed to Lin。
“Should thank you so much,Please tell me what gift you like。”Lin is clearly in a good mood,Run into such a good thing,It makes no sense to be unhappy。
“Wait for me to figure it out,You must be welcome。”Chen Wenjin didn’t refuse,Between friends,I took it calmly,The other party feels at ease。
Still talking,Car stopped,Lulu waved goodbye,Motion him to keep calling,No need to get off。
When Chen Wenjin hung up,Abao said:“I remember the big question,But other questions that don’t know the answer still rely on guessing,But it can also improve a lot of points,The composition is a bit messy,I can’t write well if I know the title,No reference books at home。”
“You have a school with Xiaoyu and Butterfly anyway,The score is better than usual。”
“Yes,My parents will have a long face,I can also brag to people,I didn’t expect to play so well,Otherwise, you should fill in other volunteers,If there are points,It’s the same way to go to art school!”Abao still keeps his face in a few words,Chen Wenjin couldn’t help but say:“Please don’t care about face too much after attending art school,I don’t know how many butterfly fish are from a good family and low-key,You pretend to be happy,People make them funny when you play tricks。”
“cut,Are there any great people who pretend to be low-key??My shit,They just don’t say anything and let me pretend。I pretend to be seen by people who are poorer than me,Especially beautiful women!”Abao said afterwards:“Hey,Is Xiaoyu in a school,It’s hard to hide from her。It’s a pity that I change my beautiful dreams every day……”
“Or break up?”Chen Wenjin deliberately asked,Abao said with a smile:“How does that work。Xiaoyu is pretty good,Those beauties who are easy to learn,Talk about it in the future。correct,I planned to spend money to buy into an art school,Now the score should be enough to not buy,Thanks to you,I should thank you too。”
“Suddenly so polite?”
“Everyone does it,I’m sorry。”A Bao said straightforwardly。
“So be it,You saved 20,000 yuan,Just invest in me,I’m going to use my dad’s account to play stocks,The more capital the better,If you make a profit after the summer vacation。”Chen asked Jin, where does this want Abao to thank,Is to give Abao a chance to fly,If Abao is not willing,It’s not that I didn’t take care of him。
“It seems to be very risky……or,I can’t vote 10,000?”A leopard is not so atmospheric,But it is normal,Chen Wenjin said:“Okay。”
After a meeting,Abao asked worriedly:“What if you lose?”
“I’m sure I won’t cover it,If you want me,Agreed to give you a fixed 10% return no matter how much you earn,In this case, I lost my money。”Chen Wenjin’s choice of A Bao is not surprising,And will not actively persuade,It was originally a gift。