“What you said makes sense,”Chen Geng shrugged,Did not deny Fabris·Black’s statement:“But China’s demand for heavy helicopters is not large,As far as I know, the Pentagon plans to seal the decommissioned12frame‘Tahe’Further price reduction,The purpose is to put all that12frame‘Tahe’All sold to China。

For Huaxia,have12frame‘Tahe’Basically meet their needs for heavy helicopters,What they want now is‘Black Hawk’This kind of10Tons、Maximum load is3Medium helicopter……Maybe you can try to sell to ChinaCH—46‘Sea knight’Civilian version,If you have a civilian version,But the premise is that the price cannot be compared‘Black Hawk’expensive。”
For Fabris·Black“Cheap”The statement,Chen Geng is scornful:Cheap?
A civilian version“Black Hawk”as long as600Ten thousand U.S. dollars,And a civilian version“Chinook”Then1685Ten thousand U.S. dollars,And the system structure is more complicated、Maintenance is more cumbersome,And higher maintenance costs,For China, buy one“Chinook”You can buy almost three“Black Hawk”,For the Chinese government of this era,Every cent of foreign exchange must be calculated carefully、Repeatedly,in“Black Hawk”When the helicopter can fully meet your own needs,Spend three times the money to buy“Chinook”,It’s purely a bag in the head。
Fabris·Black’s expression is a bit unsightly,He didn’t expect Fernandez·Chen actually told himself that Huaxia could not buy its own Chinook——He also counts on making this business,In order to rely on this achievement to successfully enter the head office management。
But Fabris·After all, Black dared not do anything to Chen Geng,Compared to the plan of the group headquarters,My little abacus is nothing at all,Seriously, if you delay the company’s major events,That will kill。
First614chapter Boeing’s purpose
? What is it like to ride a civilian helicopter?
The most intuitive feeling is that the noise is much louder than ordinary civil aviation mainline aircraft,Even if this is a Boeing that has been soundproofedmodel 234,The noise level inside is also frowning,Even with Kelly next to me·Hicks speaks,Also need a louder voice。
But Boeing really attaches great importance to Chen Geng’s arrival,Not only sent Fabris·Black went to meet him in person,When the plane landed,Chen Geng was surprised to find that Boeing Group President Steve·Hebele is already waiting for him below,This surprised Chen Geng somewhat。
After a brief greeting,Steve·Hebele asked Chen Geng as he walked inside with Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,What do you think of our‘Chinook’how about it?”
“not bad,Is a great airplane。”Chen Geng’s polite reply。