And Qingxin also froze in place。Because he doesn’t know how to deal with such things。But it’s true that Hong Wan was seriously injured!

The scariest thing is,Hong Maru is actually forcing Qingxin to make the last choice,“Come,If you don’t like me,If you can’t be with me,Then you use this sword to pierce my heart。otherwise,You stay with me forever。”
When I heard this, the people who belonged to the gate here basically drove away。
It’s the same person and Xiao Lei still standing beside Qin Feng,It’s as if you are going to subdue him next moment。
But the expressions on both faces are not quite right。Because they are all people who can’t accept this kind of thing,That’s why there is such a big reaction at this time。
“Or let’s go。Look at it like this,I’m afraid the heart can’t stand it。”Cen Wen is naturally not far from Qin Feng。He actually wanted to drive away when he was leaning in with him。After all, it’s better not to get involved in a fight with a fairy。
It’s just now in this environment,It seems not good if he wants to go alone,As for whether he will be regarded as a person who forcibly intervenes because of his own words, it is not known.。But he still chose to speak,That’s because in his opinion, Qin Feng was really just doing him a favor。
If Qin Feng suffers because of this,He feels a little sorry。
“I didn’t expect you to have such a deadly friend?But right,Just an ordinary person after all,Pity!”Guiyi can’t help but mock。
Speaking of,This old way of change,It’s hard to figure out the truest side of his character at all。As if right
For him,Everything he does is in the normal category。
Qin Feng is depressed now,I don’t know what to say。
After all, if you change to another time,Cen Wen may count him Qin Feng。As for why he will protect him now?That is, people who are betting together are not so unreasonable。
“Go together,You don’t solve the problem of your disciple?He is really going to be taken away by Hong Wan!”Qin Feng pointed to the field。
You told Qingxin to kill Hongwan. He obviously couldn’t do it.。As for why you say that?Actually very simple,Because he has no affection for Hongwan,But at least he really treats this man as a brother。
Even if I have been forced,But he couldn’t kill Hong Wan because of this.,So he just stayed at a loss。
(End of this chapter)