[Authentic Practice of Poria Bone Porcelain Pot with Five Fingers, Peach and Peach]_How to do_Methods

[Authentic Practice of Poria Bone Porcelain Pot with Five Fingers, Peach and Peach]_How to do_Methods

The taste of pork bones in clay pot with five-fingered hairy peaches is refreshing and delicious, suitable for all ages, and the main raw materials selected are pork bones, clay fleece and five-fingered hairy peaches. Put these materials in a pot and slowly simmer for about an hour and a half.The soup from the soup has a sweet and sweet flavor, and it also has a rich fruit flavor. It has the functions of clearing the lungs and intestines, and facilitating urine.a bit.

Brief introduction Today, this five-finger hairy peach clay soup with pork bone soup is fresh and delicious, suitable for all ages.

The main classification of medicated diet, dietetic food ingredients Ingredients: Five-fingered hair peach, Poria cocos, Pork spine accessories: Proper method of making salt 1.

Wash five-fingered peaches, soil Poria, and soak slightly; 2.

2. Cut the pork spine into pieces, wash, and rinse with water;

Boil water, add all the ingredients, cook for 20 minutes on Wuhuo, turn to a hot pot for one and a half hours, and season with salt.

The effect of the recipe is clearing away heat and dampness, clearing the liver and moistening the lungs.

Delicious Tips The outer skin of the five-finger hair peach and the soil Poria is potholes, which can be thoroughly cleaned with a small toothbrush when cleaning.

Ingredient Analysis Five-Fingered Maotao When you hear the name of Five-Fingered Maotao, people who do not know it may think it is a new type of peach.

In fact, it is a plant that grows in the deep mountains of Shaoguan and Heyuan in Guangdong. Its name is named because its leaves grow like five fingers, and its fruit resembles a peach.

The five-finger hair peach is used as a root medicine, which can strengthen the spleen and strengthen the lungs.

In Chinese medicine, Wuzhi Maotao is also called Nanqi, which is the southern “Astragalus”.

This shows that it has the effects of astragalus on invigorating the spleen and strengthening the spleen, but does not have the warm nature of astragalus and is very suitable for southern climate applications.

Cantonese people like to use it to make soup with pork bones, chickens, etc., and use it to relieve heat and dampness.

In Hakka restaurants, Wuzhi Maotao Soup is a must-have soup with the fragrance of coconut and the color is like milk. Therefore, Wuzhi Maotao also has the alias of “Finger Milk”.

But the strange thing is that the soup I cook at home is always not the fragrance of the restaurant. I thought that the amount of medicinal materials was not enough, but I tried a lot, but the strong flavor is the medicinal materials. I do n’t know what the secret is!

After inspection, the original five-finger hair peaches sold on the market were all planted artificially, with short growth periods, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.

Five-fingered peaches grown with deep mountains cannot be listed.

There are three-fingered peaches and five-fingered peaches. Three-fingered peaches have many aromas.

The five-finger Maotao soup can often be prepared with indica rice, earthy poria, Huaishan, Meidou, beef vigorously and other herbs, plus chicken, chicken feet, pork bones and other meat, is a good product for conditioning dampness and strengthening bones and bones.

When we buy five-fingered peaches, one is to look at the color and luster, which is generally brownish-yellow. The other is to pick the sieve. The thick black active ingredients are reduced, and the roots are finer. The third is to smell the smell.Some five-pointed peaches have a slight coconut scent.