To correct the six major liposuction misunderstandings for liposuction

To correct the six major liposuction misunderstandings for liposuction

Since the liposuction has been involved in the cosmetic surgery industry, the operators have grown exponentially every year and have successfully squeezed into the top of medical cosmetic surgery.

But liposuction is most likely to be misunderstood, or someone has unrealistic expectations.

There are even reports that someone died of death?

So, how much is the effect of liposuction, and how high is its safety index?

Look at the questions and answers that experts have made for us.

  Misunderstanding 1: The unsafe situation of liposuction surgery: The liposuction technique has been used from the early “dry pumping method” to the “wet pumping method” currently used, from early ultrasonic liposuction to the current rapid vacuum liposuction.The equipment and technology of fat are constantly improving, and the pain of surgery is getting smaller and smaller and more and more secure.

But after all, liposuction is a surgical operation, as long as it is a certain risk of surgery.

The most dangerous complications of liposuction are unfortunate embolism and massive bleeding.

Experienced physicians can generally detect and treat sputum embolism early.

At present, the “wet pumping method” commonly used in total liposuction, the amount of bleeding is only three to five percent, so a large amount of bleeding is very rare.

The mortality caused by liposuction is even smaller, and the US data is about one in 50,000.

  Absences caused by absolute causes of liposuction are often caused by inadequate doctor experience or excessive prominence of massive liposuction.

Due to the current medical beauty market, a large number of clinics and hospitals and even beauty salons that are not officially qualified are involved in this project, which jeopardizes the health and safety of customers.

  For safety reasons, a safety assessment must be performed prior to surgery to communicate with the physician in detail to understand possible complications, and the professional competence of the physician and anesthesiologist performing the procedure and the health of the patient are important.

Severe heart, vascular disease, diabetes, elderly, are not suitable for liposuction.

  Misunderstanding 2: Liposuction can cause serious weight loss. Truth: People who want to use liposuction should have a concept. Liposuction is mainly for deep aunts with partial accumulation, such as lower abdomen, waist, hips, thighs and other places.
The use of liposuction in these places is relatively quick and successful.

However, liposuction is not suitable for people with general body obesity, and the effect on body weight is not great.

  Since the micro-density is very low, and a part of the swelling agent is applied before liposuction, and the triggering is swollen, even if the liposuction is more than 5000 ml, the body weight will not drop immediately.

In general, after one year of liposuction, the body weight can be reduced by 5-10%, about 3-5 kg.

  However, most of the patients have become more exquisite after spending money on liposuction. Therefore, it is indeed safer and more persevering to control diet and military sports, and wearing tight-fitting underwear can really achieve weight loss.

  Misunderstanding 3: The more you pump, the faster the skin is. The truth is that some women who are “thinking thin” are greedy when they are liposuction, thinking that the more they pump, the faster they are thinner.

And some doctors without professional ethics, especially those who do not have the qualifications for practicing medicine, will even pick up more women, because the more they pump, the more they earn.

  In fact, liposuction is not as easy as pumping water. It is all about pulling out your aunt. The amount of aunt should be determined according to his own situation. The place that should not be smoked cannot be pumped. How much should be pumped, there is no end.

Now, doctors control the amount of liposuction to about 3000 ml. For heavier weight, it can be appropriately relaxed to 4000 ml. 5000 ml is the safe limit.

In fact, the amount of fatal extraction increases, the risk of surgery is relatively high, and the surgeon’s surgical technique, anesthesia level and surgical equipment are more demanding. Therefore, the experienced plastic surgeon should practice the knife, the anesthesiologist of the card is anesthetized and well-equipped.The hospital is conducted to minimize the risk.

  Misunderstanding 4: I heard that it is easy to rebound after liposuction. The truth: the number of adult cancer cells has been constant. Some people will become fat and thin because the cell volume is enlarged and reduced. The usual non-surgical weight loss method can not reduce the number of cells.Only liposuction can make the number of extreme cells absolutely reduced. After the number of cells is reduced, it is impossible to increase. Therefore, the effect after liposuction is permanent and will not rebound.

  Some people will feel a little fater than liposuction after liposuction, which is not a rebound. It is often because the improper diet causes the remaining slight increase and become fat. In fact, as long as it is not overeating, appropriateExercise to maintain a good body.

Even if the weight is slightly increased, the person becomes a little rounder, but the curve is still very beautiful.

  Myth 5: Liposuction of the skin will become uneven. The truth: after the liposuction, the skin becomes uneven. It may be due to excessive liposuction or wrong steps, which may damage the tiny layer close to the skin, causing the skin to collapse and wrinkle.Therefore, you must know the doctor’s skills before surgery.

  In general, healthy skin has a certain elasticity, and the skin will automatically retract due to the contraction of the skin’s elastic fibers.

If you use light therapy to shape your body after liposuction, you can achieve a smooth skin texture and “tightening” effect.

  Try to strengthen the massage, it can also help the skin to restore elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

In addition, it is necessary to wear a corset to eliminate the stratification of minor complications after liposuction, recombination, blood stasis and swelling of the reconstructed surgical site, so that the flap and the subcutaneous tissue closely adhere to the healing.

  For older people, because of the poor skin elasticity, the skin repair surgery should be taken after liposuction.

  Misunderstanding 6: Liposuction is the most painful plastic surgery truth: liposuction surgery will be operated under anesthesia, the pain is not obvious within 24 hours, there will be some discomfort after 24 hours, intermittent and continuous, it feels like running long distanceThe soreness after the marathon, not the pain of a needle-cutting knife, can generally be tolerated.

In addition, the stimulation of the disinfectant may also cause redness, heat and pain in the surgical site. This process generally lasts for 3?
After 5 days, afterwards, it will gradually ease. If you don’t touch it, you will not feel pain again.
The interventional doctor will prescribe some painkillers, but do not use the medicine.
  The shape of the transplanted sculpture of the breasts and beautiful buttocks is performed by means of fingering surgery. The aunts who have been removed or thighs are transplanted to other parts of the body with a higher quality aunt tissue. The aunt’s organization will survive in the new transplant site and can improve.The appearance of the deformation of the depression.

Because the aunt’s organization is a self-organized organization, there is no substitute or complete absorption.

  Of course, the temporary member portion injected is self-absorbed to a certain percentage of the remaining survival rate (the final survival rate is usually about 50-70%).

Temporary injections after surgery will gradually subside until two to three months later to achieve stable results.

Surgeons usually choose to transplant more aunts than expected, or choose multiple surgeries to ensure the effectiveness of the surgery.

Each operation is approximately three months apart.

  Indications: breast enlargement / abdomen hip / rhinoplasty / depression scar / lip / abdomen / Fengyang point / full of ear hanged but thinner, a small amount of deficiency, it is less likely to do a large operation.

  The affected area was red, swollen and painful and disappeared after 1-2 weeks.