Causes and solutions for diarrhea

Causes and solutions for diarrhea

Diarrhea, also known as diarrhea, is the most headache when you are diarrhea. You don’t know how many times to go to the toilet in one day, so you don’t have any strength.

Most people think that diarrhea is something that has been eaten. This idea is wrong. There are many reasons for diarrhea. Let’s get to know it!

Causes of diarrhea 1. Viral infection: Inflammation of the stomach caused by a cold or rotavirus, diarrhea.

2, bacterial infections: dirty water sources and food contamination (food poisoning), may cause bacterial infections.

In addition, typhoid fever, malaria, is also a diarrhea that is a bacterial infection.

3, indigestion: gastrointestinal burden or allergies may be due to overeating or allergic to certain types of food, caused by gastrointestinal damage.

4, emotions, stress, climate: stress in life is too heavy or too tight, or because the climate changes the abdomen to cold, it is also easy to cause functional gastrointestinal disorders.

5, soil and water dissatisfaction: temporary diarrhea caused by factors such as traveling.

6, drug abuse: excessive use of laxatives, antibiotics and other diarrhea.

Solution to Diarrhea Diarrhea is not a serious illness in the eyes of most people, but its damage to the body cannot be ignored.

Here are a few ways to treat diarrhea.

1, patients with more water diarrhea due to a large number of defecation, resulting in serious water shortage, this time must be added a lot of water, the water should contain salt and glucose.

Vitamins can also be added, and they are all good ways to prevent the body from dehydrating and devoid of diarrhea.

2, diet should be light during diarrhea should eat light liquid foods, such as chicken soup and other transparent liquids.

Because your intestines need to rest adequately during diarrhea, you can gradually add rice when you are sure that you have no problem with chicken soup.

3, with garlic sterilization you can add garlic in three meals, they can prevent and treat bacterial diarrhea, if you do not want to eat garlic, you can take garlic capsules, 3 times a day, 2 capsules each time, you can also putSterilization.