How should parents teach their baby to recognize colors?

How should parents teach their baby to recognize colors?

As soon as the baby arrived, he was greeted by a colorful world, red, yellow, blue, and colorful.

Maybe at first the baby is “familiar with all this”, because the world of a newborn baby is black and white.

As the baby’s visual system develops and matures, by three or four months, he will have a sense of color.

Babies will enjoy the world of beauty by recognizing and perceiving colors.

Young dads and mothers should also grasp this initial period, bring your baby to know colors, and cultivate a keen sense of color, which will greatly benefit the baby’s intellectual development and cultivate her interest in painting.

However, the baby’s understanding of color is a process of gradual change, which can not be completed at once. Mom and dad continue to train and cultivate.

Experts are here to tell you how your baby perceives color and guide you to the right way.

The baby is born 0-4 months1. In the baby’s first 0-4 months, his vision is not sharp, the concept of color is blurred, but he is sensitive to black and white.

Exciting with gorgeous colors may make your baby more disturbed.

So put some black and white geometric patterns, black and white character heads, checkerboard graphics, etc. around the baby bed to attract the baby to follow.

2. During this time, the colors of the bed decorations and hangings on the baby’s bedside are mainly red, yellow, and blue. As soon as the baby opens his eyes, he can see a colorful environment, but not overly complicated.So as not to disturb the baby’s immature visual system.

3. The clothes of close family members, including baby clothes, bed sheets, etc., should have more color changes. It is best to have different color systems and hue so that the baby can see different colors, so as not to cause the same color system for a long time.Visually retarded.

Soft, warm colors are best for babies at this time.

From 4-12 months after the birth of the baby, the baby enters the color world. The visual nerve is very sensitive to color things.

At this time, parents should focus on cultivating the baby’s color perception and awareness.

1. From now on, arrange your baby’s living space into a colorful world.

In the baby’s room, paste some color-adjusted picture calendars. In the baby’s crib, often put some soft-colored sheets and quilts, and even paint seven-color rainbow is very beautiful and warm.

2. Put some colorful balls, plastic toys, colorful patterned cloth books, etc. in the baby’s sight. If it is a colorful toy that can make a sound, the baby will prefer it.

This not only stimulates the baby visually, but also has a good stimulating effect on brain development.

3. By 6 or 7 months, when the baby can already notice a certain color or turn the head to see another color, parents should always point at this toy and say to the baby, “This is a red balloon.””That’s a little white rabbit”, “This is a yellow flower”, etc. use language definitions to deepen the baby’s perception of color.

The items in daily life are good props for baby’s color recognition, and can be trained anytime, anywhere.