Exercise plus massage to lose weight and raise liver

Exercise plus massage to lose weight and raise liver

Exercise is a good way to raise the liver.

Chinese medicine believes that the main tendons of the liver, exercise can relax the muscles, and benefit the liver.

Therefore, each person should choose appropriate exercise according to their physical condition to enhance physical health.

Proper exercise can increase the tension of the central nervous system, improve the regulation of the liver by the autonomic nervous system of the cerebral cortex, and enhance the body’s resistance and immunity.

In addition, exercise can promote blood circulation in the liver, improve the nutrition of liver cells, and help restore liver function.

Exercise can reduce excess body weight, prevent obesity, eliminate excessive extreme damage to the liver, promote gas exchange, speed up blood circulation, and ensure that the liver can get more oxygen and nutrients.

Several sports regimens maintain the liver: 1. The embraced liver movement clasps the chest with both hands and the left hand is outside.

Slowly turn your body to the left and slowly inhale until you can’t breathe, then slowly exhale.

Turn your body to the right and do it again.

2, knocking the gallbladder through the fist, knocking the gallbladder in the position of the lower limbs, knocking 200 legs each day.

The position of the bile duct (lower limb): the outside of the thigh, the seam of the pants.

Knock from the place where you want to hip height to the top.

Reason: Liver and gallbladder are mutually related relationships. The turbidity and toxins of the liver can withstand a large amount of hepatotoxicity, and it is easy to precipitate and retain, and the toxins affected by the scorpion have no way to drain, so the gallbladder needs to be often replenished.

3, massage the liver through the palm of each night before going to sleep, push the palm forward from the root of the thigh, about 3 minutes.

Liver position (lower limb): thigh fracture (when the leg is stretched tight, you can touch the hard rib).

In addition, you can also exercise the tendons.

If there is really no time to knock on the gallbladder, massage the liver, steal an individual and press the leg (fork), because of the main tendons of the liver, exercise tendons to strengthen the liver function.

Regular massage can raise the liver’s three major acupuncture points 1, according to the 揉太冲穴 sitting cross-legged, with the left thumb to press the right foot Taichong (between the 1st and 2nd phalanx of the instep), block along the gap of the suture and slide back and forth.Do 20 times.

Then use your right hand to step on the left foot of the Tai Chong, the same way as before.

2, press the Da Dun point of the cross-legged seat, press the right foot of the Da Dun point with the left thumb (the outside of the root of the big toenail), the left-handed plug is blocked 15 times, and the right-handed plug is blocked 15 times.

Then use your right hand to step on the left foot of the Da Dun, the same way.

3, press the 揉 阴 交 交 交 盘 盘 盘 盘 , , , , , , , , , , 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 揉 交 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉

The right spin was blocked 15 times.

Then use your right hand to step on the left-footed Sanyinjiao, with the same technique.