Old age marriage should cultivate life interest

Old age marriage should cultivate life interest

In response to the “killer” of old-age marriage, experts suggest that older couples may wish to re-establish the mode of getting along with each other and adjust accordingly in order to maintain a happy life in their later years.

For example, the development of hobbies and hobbies, including outings, dancing, walking, etc., to cultivate life and interest.

  (1) Both husband and wife respect each other, mutual tolerance should respect each other, and in front of children and outsiders, pay more attention to each other; mutual tolerance, must be based on the relationship between husband and wife.

More understanding, do not blame the accusation, more complicated calculations, and expose the flaws.

  (2) The husband and wife are physically attached to each other and care for the elderly. The physical and psychological functions are gradually declining, and the self-care ability is also attenuated. This requires people to take care of themselves in life, and the care of the wife is the most thoughtful and intimate.of.

Older couples must share family obligations, care for each other’s clothing, food and shelter, and usually have to spend more time with their husbands, especially if only older couples live alone.

  (3) Both husband and wife need to trust each other. Suspicious suspicion is an invisible killer who destroys the marital relationship.

Although the love of elderly couples has undergone long-term tests and tempering, they still need to integrate and consolidate through mutual trust. Both husband and wife have doubts and exchange opinions in a timely manner, and seriously eliminate misunderstandings and estrangements.

  Experts point out that elderly couples can live together in harmony.

Any mental stress and mental depression or quarreling can open the door to disease, and harmony, happiness, optimism, calmness, and life are important conditions for longevity.