Workplace: Little ambition helps you succeed

Workplace: Little ambition helps you succeed

If you want to succeed, you can only have “ambition” in your life. If you describe someone as ambitious, it means that he is very ambitious and he will be happy.

If you describe a person as having “ambition”, it means that the person has a strong possessiveness, as if he is trying to snatch someone else’s things, and he will be very upset.

Since ancient times, “ambition” was a minus term in most cases.

However, research by psychologists now shows that “ambition” is a key factor for success.

  What does “ambition” build on? Why are some people full of “ambition” and vitality in treating their careers, while others do not!

  How the “ambition” formed in the Canadian version of the “Time” magazine in the United States recently mentioned that the study by psychologist Dean Smart of the University of California in the United States found that “ambition” is the driving force of human behavior.”Ambition” can have the power to grab more resources.

Of course, it must be acknowledged that “ambition” is appropriate to a certain extent, and it is a “zero-sum game”: the more resources you occupy, the less others have.

According to this statement, everyone should have “ambition”.

But in fact, there is a big difference in “ambition” between people.

  These differences have attracted the attention of anthropologists, psychologists, and other scholars who seek to find answers from family origins, social influences, genetics, and individual differences.

  Children born from a family who are pregnant and born in a poor family need to worry about survival. They may be born with “ambition”, but they do not rule out pessimism and disappointment.

Children who grew up in wealthy families, although they have gained a lot, are also lazy and extravagant.

In short, research shows that the reason why a large percentage of people in high society have “ambition” and money is not the first priority. Family influence and parents’ indoctrination of children’s success plays an important role.

  The social environment also has a great impact on people’s “ambitions”.

This is somewhat similar to family, that is, when a person is in contact with the social environment, if he always meets people with “ambition”, then he will not help but generate some ideas of wanting to do business.Some have no ideals, no “ambitions”, and those who have passed and passed, even if they have “ambitions”, they will be laughed at as lunatics, and they will be dispelled over time.

  In terms of heredity, Smart said: “‘ambition’ may be hereditary.

“This means that if your family is likely to be” ambitious, “you may be born with that quality.

  Personality also affects “ambition.”

Some people are always dissatisfied with their career and life. They always have a sense of anxiety, and it is this awareness that makes them feel anxious.

Worried that when deprived in childhood, it is easy to seek over-compensation in life and cause “ambition”.

  ”Ambition” should appropriately deal with the issue of “ambition”, how can it not only promote career progress without harming the interests of others and their own health?

That is to stay modest.

  In order to do a good job, we must cherish “ambition” and have a good performance for the future. Whenever possible, do not hinder the attempt, so that we can better develop ourselves.

  But if this “ambition” is reset by digging the corners of others, or through self-harm, then it is necessary to put this “ambition” within the scope of moral and legal regulations and know how to control yourself.

  In addition, to guide “ambition”, in a “zero sum” environment, the more you, the less others, so “ambition” is always unpopular.

Now the fast-developing society has created a win-win model. Your “ambition” is indispensable for opening up new territories and exploring future fields.

There, people with “ambition” are heroes.

  But “ambition” is too large, it will cause a serious psychological burden.

When reality can’t meet the requirements of self, it will cause worry, irritability, hostility, confronting emotions, affecting interpersonal relationships and the external environment externally, and damaging personal health internally.

Studies have shown that people with type A personality, that is, people who have a strong desire for success and who have great “ambition”, are susceptible to diseases such as hypertension, hypertension, and gastric ulcers.

  ”Ambition” has no end, so we must know how to adjust it to a suitable limit so that it can give full play to its stimulating effect without harming others.