So-called layman watching the excitement,Insider,He Bu used his power like this,All the masters of the gods who were present could see it,This boy is indeed low strength,This power is placed in the god nation,Many children around ten years old are not necessarily weaker than him。

Qin Chusheng sees it,Suddenly overjoyed,Smug,Haha laughed:“You just can?Do you want me to give you a hand?”
He Bu ignored the opponent’s provocation and ridicule,Concentrate on,Suddenly kick,The whole person rushed towards Qin Chusheng。
His actions are not unpleasant,But that’s for the warriors on the earth world,In the eyes of the gods,This punch,Except for the momentum,Speed is really nothing to see。
Qin Chusheng laughed loudly:“weak!It’s too weak!Heroes are summoned in the hands of weak people like you,Will only be insulted。Follow me obediently!”
Talk about it,Qin Chusheng smiled sternly,Swipe,Light pattern power is like tide,It spread to He Bu in an instant。
Facing the overwhelming power of light patterns,He Bu felt unprecedented pressure,Before in the earth world,This light pattern power is exclusive to me,Face the enemy,No disadvantages,But now the light pattern power used by the opponent,More mighty than myself,More pure,The repulsive force of the same attribute force,It’s so oppressive that he has difficulty breathing。
Many people present are very clear,Battle between gods,Professional mutual restraint,Mage Kdao Shi,Taoist Warrior,Warrior close up,Especially between the same level,Basically this routine。
And for the low-level gods who have not yet chosen a career,They use light pattern power,Because the power of light pattern is their origin,Whose origin is more pure,Burst higher,Whoever wins。
It is clear,Hebu’s light pattern strength is not enough,It’s not Qin Chusheng’s opponent at all,Was suppressed all at once。
Although this boy named He Bu behaved very tenaciously,But most people don’t think,He has a chance,Because he is too young,The level of mastery of light pattern power is very average,Under this circumstance, it is impossible to get any waves。
And Qin Chusheng is smarter than he thought,He did not underestimate the enemy,It is directly suppressed with the power of the light pattern as soon as it is shot,Created a situation where the two sides competed for strength。
This kind of head-to-head situation,It can be said that there is no fancy,It’s also one of the least ornamental styles of play。
When I saw my son adopted such a steady tactic,Qin Nanming couldn’t help nodding repeatedly,A smug look appeared on his face。
Zhizi Moruofu!He knew that his son had a deep heart,Seems crazy,Actually calm and spicy,Never look at it with the eyes of a child。
The current tactics are not good,But the most secure,most suitable,Even if you play by yourself,Won’t do better than my son!Qin Nanming’s heart is set,I feel better。