The exam is over,Chen Wenjin and Master Chen have agreed long ago,Master Chen’s account first supports him with 100,000,Plus his and Abao’s,Took fifty in。

Master Chen directly asked to open an additional middle account position,A lot more convenient。
The securities department is next to Chen’s company,Actually it’s close to Pengzhong,Chen Wenjin is familiar with the surrounding environment,It is the first time for Master Chen,But not for his memory。
in memory,There are many stories here,And the people who make up the story,But most of them are not at this point in time,But the future。
Chapter Eighty Four Xiaobai’s daily life
The rice noodle shop very close to the securities department is as remembered,Normal business,This shop tastes good,And started doing business early in the morning,Many people who work around will take rice noodles for breakfast。
Chen Zhu’s car is picked up early and delivered late,Usually a private car,It’s just not available on holidays,Chen Wenjin followed the car early in the morning,Lord Chen and they show their faces in the unit,Several people went straight to drink tea。
Chen Wenjin has to say something conscientiously about this situation,It’s really leisurely。
Chen Wenjin didn’t go to drink tea,After eating rice noodles for breakfast,He went to the securities department。
People of this age are here to look at the market and place orders,Lots of people in the hall,Various newspapers,And the more diligent will bring a notebook,Full of experience、Information points etc.。
It’s not uncommon for Chen Wenjin to come here so big,Some people who haven’t studied are also mixed here。