Originally thought,Let it go,It is even possible to embark on a blind date and get married in a few years。

But did not expect,A person like Qin Feng appeared in her life before that period,Someone who disrupted all her life。
This kind of people,It’s impossible not to pay attention!the most important is,Jiang Yan discovered that Qin Feng and Mo Youyou were whispering at the dinner,She actually feels jealous。
Also because of this,She had to face the fact that she might like Qin Feng。
And now,She wants to find someone to have a good chat,Talk about what you should do。
But when Su Rou said that Qin Feng was a murderous demon,I feel a little uncomfortable,Even want to defend Qin Feng。
“Over,I might fall in love with this person completely!”
She finally came to this conclusion。
So that when I saw Qin Feng when I got up the next day, I couldn’t feel my heart as if it was not where it was.。
But this feeling is quite strange,Because besides being taken aback,Actually there is some joy。
Although Qin Feng thinks this young lady is a little strange,But because I met Mo Yoyo yesterday,Today he can go to the door again,Approaching this strong woman in the name of cooperation。
It’s just that he didn’t expect,When I was about to go out,The doorbell in their community was pressed。
Ding Dong——
Logically,At this time, no one will come to your door.,Even the disciple Sun Li Huan, who is ignorant of current affairs, dare not find Qin Feng’s house early in the morning after being told by Qin Feng。