So many people,Will admire Xiao Fan even more,Like the Lin Group more。This is simply killing two birds with one stone。

Come home from get off work at night,Lin Yoona made tomatoes and eggs,And egg fried rice for Xiao Fan
Lin Yuna is ready,At this moment。Lin Yuna,I let the nanny get off work long ago
Xiao Fan came back quite early today,Looks good。
After all,He first bought a small company,Secondly,Still praised by the masses。These two good things,Adding together is simply double happiness
Once back home,Lin Yoona took his suit and briefcase,And then said to him:
“I have prepared dinner for you,Today, my aunt and I learned to cook two dishes,There is also an egg fried rice。”
Xiao Fan said:“so smart,I learned two in a day。”
Lin Yuna said:“That must be,I have to do it all for you,One meal and one dish are delicious like this。”
Xiao Fan said:“That line,Let me see what our little lady has done。”
Lin Yoona has already put the cooked food on the table,Although it’s just a small plate of tomato and egg and two bowls of egg fried rice,But it looks pretty good,Should be delicious。
This is what Xiao Fan said to Lin Yuner:“This rice and dishes,It looks pretty good indeed,Just don’t know how it tastes,It should be delicious。”
Lin Yuna said:“I tasted it,Feel pretty good。Just don’t know if you can like it,I’ll be happier if you like it。”
Xiao Fan said to Lin Yoona:“As long as you make it yourself, of course I will like it。”
So after they washed their hands, they sat down at the table,Xiao Fan tasted tomatoes and eggs,Feel pretty good。
At this moment,He gave Lin Yuner a compliment,Said to him:“Really good,Yoona’s craftsmanship has improved。”
Then he put some egg fried rice with a spoon to eat,Also pretty good。
Supper tonight,Although it looks a bit simple, it tastes good。