Chen Geng also knows that this logic is indeed a bit confusing,If the explanation is not clear,normal person、Especially the people of this era are really hard to understand,So very carefully,Explained to the two very seriously:“There is a big difference here,First of all,I Chen Geng……Or call my name Fernandez……As an automobile designer, he accepted the commission from Jialing Factory to design this car,The Jialing factory put forward corresponding requirements for this car,I design products according to these requirements,And all the patents and technologies of this product belong to the Jialing factory,Chen Geng and myself、And my company:Fernandez has nothing to do。I said so,Understand this?”

Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng nod at the same time:Of course this is easy to understand,To put it bluntly, it is the same as the Jialing factory entrusting a domestic research institute or college to design a certain part,Although it is the research institute、This part designed by colleges and universities for Jialing Factory,But everything related to this part belongs to Jialing Factory。
But they still can’t understand,Why can’t you hang the trademark and brand of Fernandezlogo?According to Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng,If you can hang the trademark or brand of Fernandezlogo,This car will sell better、Make more money。
Chen Geng was very straightforward about the reason:“Because Fernandez will take a more high-end route in the future,If we are engaged in the lowest-end mini car from the beginning,Will be a‘stain’,Want to increase the value or added value of the brand in the future,Will be difficult。”
Only then did Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng understand why Chen Geng made such a request:Jialing Factory’s requirements are too low,Chen Geng doesn’t like it,Afraid of losing yourself,Affect future business!
Be more blunt,I don’t like this little business。
it is good……Bar……
Chen Geng has already spoken for this purpose,What more can Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng say,The two looked at each other,I quickly reached a tacit understanding and agreement in my heart:As long as Chen Geng is willing to support our car project,Do whatever he wants。
See Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng can accept this,Chen Geng nodded,Then I continued:“What you want is a model and Fiat126PAbout the same size、Cheap mini car,right?”
“Yes。”Sun Shoupeng and Cheng Xingming nodded together。
Chen Geng took out a stick figure that he had prepared long ago,Above is a Fiat drawn in advance126P,Said:“My opinion is,Fiat126PThis two-door rear-engined rear-drive mini car is actually not very suitable for China’s national conditions.,One is that the size of the body is really small;
another,The two doors are not suitable for passengers in the back seat,at this point,And in Europe、Fiat mainly used as a family car126PStill too the same,According to my understanding of China’s national conditions,It seems that China has not let go of private car ownership,I think this car is more aimed at the taxi market and some wealthy people who get rich first,Maybe the market for taxis is bigger,So I modified the structure of the body a little bit,That’s it……”
Talking,He took out another piece of paper:“See how?”
The picture drawn on the paper immediately attracted Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng,And the previous Fiat126Pcompared to,This is a car that looks like Fiat126PA hatchback mini car of about the same size,But Fiat126Pthe difference is,This car has four doors。
no doubt,Compared to only2Fiat126P,Although this one looks slightly larger,But a car with four doors is more attractive。
“This is it,”Sun Shoupeng pats his thigh,Happy to say:“Mr. Chen,Tell you,Actually we thought about it ourselves,Two doors are really inconvenient,It would be great if there were four doors,I just don’t know how difficult it is to add two doors,I am too embarrassed to tell you,it’s good now,See you have designed four doors,We really are……So grateful,Thank you for taking our needs into consideration!”
Chen Geng smiled politely,Then said:“but I think,Even this four-door mini car,In fact, it is not very suitable for the actual situation of your country,I know there is a car in Japan,Maybe this car is more suitable for the actual situation in your country,I don’t know if the two are interested?”