Seven emollient foods to raise race anti-aging

Seven emollient foods to raise race anti-aging

When you are doing everything you can to find skin care products that moisturize your skin, have you ever thought that there are some foods that can moisturize the skin in our daily common foods. Here are some natural foods that can moisturize the skin.Everyone for reference.

  Honey: keeps skin ruddy and shiny. Honey is known as the most perfect nutritional food in nature. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins and sugars that are easily absorbed by the human body. Nutrition is comprehensive and rich. Regular food can make the skin rosy, tender and shiny.

  how to eat?

  Honey is a good tonic for men, women, and children. It is best to take 25-50 grams at a time, generally not more than 100 grams.

Otherwise, the human body will not be able to absorb too much nutrition and may cause slight diarrhea.

When eating, generally use warm water to brew, you can also transfer to soy milk, milk, porridge, you can also spread food, but do not high temperature, it is advisable to not exceed 60 tons, otherwise, vitamins and enzymes in honey will be damaged.

  Honey is a weakly acidic substance and can react weakly with metals. Therefore, non-metallic containers (such as glass or plastic barrels) should be used when keeping honey. Honey easily absorbs moisture in the air and ferments and deteriorates. Therefore, it must be sealed to prevent absorption.Moist, packaged honey is best stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place to avoid swelling from heat.

  Note: Do not drink in boiling water. Generally, the water temperature should be controlled at about 40 ℃.

Precipitation under honey is not necessarily a quality problem, but glucose crystallization, a physical property of honey.

  Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain lycopene to transform the skin into delicate and smooth skin.

An experiment found that if you eat tomatoes often, you will not easily get dark circles and sunburn.

  Scientists have recently discovered that for tomatoes, the overall nutritional value of cooked food is higher than raw food.

Tomatoes are heated to 88 degrees Celsius. Although the vitamin C content in tomatoes is reduced during the heating process, the lycopene and other antioxidants in tomatoes have increased significantly.

Lycopene as an antioxidant reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease in people.

  Carrots: Carrots contain a large amount of carotene to help maintain the normal function of skin cell tissues, reduce skin wrinkles, stimulate skin metabolism, and keep skin moist and delicate.

  Among the many ways to eat, the most recommended is stuffed dumplings with carrots and steamed buns.

There are three main reasons: First, the beta-carotene that can be contained in carrots can be absorbed by the body only when it is dissolved in fats.

Mixing carrots with meat to make stuffing, animal fats will increase the absorption rate of β-carotene.

For vegetarian fillings, it is best to fry the chopped carrots in a frying pan a few times to dissolve the β-carotene and then make the filling.

First, after carrots are chopped, nutrients are more easily absorbed.

Finally, some people don’t like carrots because of their special flavor.

When carrots are mixed in the filling, the taste of meat and eggs can effectively “mask” this carrot flavor, so that both nutrition and taste can be obtained.

  In addition, carrots fried with oil can also promote the body’s absorption of β-carotene.

The autumn climate is dry, carrots, potatoes, shredded, fried and crispy, and nourish the skin.

  Stew carrots with other ingredients, such as beef and mutton, is also a good choice.

But you may want to cook the whole carrot first, then cut into pieces and stew with the meat for a few minutes.

According to a study by the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom, this can increase the anticancer substance in carrots by 1/4 compared to cutting and cooking.

  Kelp: Kelp is an alkaline food rich in minerals. If eaten regularly, it can regulate blood pH and prevent excessive oil secretion from the skin.

  Koreans pay great attention to food therapy. When they see a whale, they will look for seaweed food to heal them. They use the sea to bring their body to condition. Based on many years of experience, they believe that kelp can help pregnant women to decontaminate blood and fight against tooth loss and hair loss.

The most common practice of kelp is to cook soup and cold salad.

  Milk: Milk is the skin’s favorite food. It can improve skin cell activity, delay skin aging, increase skin tension, and eliminate small wrinkles.

  Generally, an adult should drink 400?
500 ml, two bottles of milk, it is recommended to drink at least 250 ml, one bottle of milk.

Economic conditions permit the best three bottles, about 750 ml, but should not exceed 1000 ml.

To be simple, it is “guaranteed one bottle, two bottles are expected, preferably three bottles, not more than four bottles”.

  Milk is a basic food and should be added after meals.

It is better to drink one bottle a day for breakfast, and two bottles a day for morning and evening. It is also possible to drink outside of three meals according to personal habits, but you should eat starchy food before drinking, so that milkPreventive dwell time in the stomach is conducive to the comprehensive absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Simply understood, it is “all morning, midnight and night, it is best to drink after meals.”
  Kiwi: Vitamin C of kiwi can interfere with melanin production, prevent pigmentation, keep skin fair, and eliminate spots such as freckles on the skin.
  Kiwis must be cooked before they can be eaten.

Immature kiwi fruit is astringent and feels pungent. It is rich in proteases, which can break down the tongue and oral mucosa proteins and cause discomfort.

  The best eating state: After ripening the kiwi fruit, use your fingers to gently press the kiwi fruit near the parting. If the kiwi fruit is no longer hard and the blockage is slightly deformed, but it is not very soft, it is the best eating state.

Cut it open and dig it with a spoon, just sour and sweet.

  Optimum consumption: 1-2 is the amount that can be fully absorbed by the body.

  Best edible starch: Do not eat on an empty stomach. It is more suitable to eat 1-3 hours before and after meals. It contains a large number of proteases to help digestion.

  Kiwis are good, but not everyone.

Due to the coldness of kiwi fruit, those with spleen and stomach deficiency should be cautious, those with frequent diarrhea and frequent urination should not eat it, and patients with excessive menstruation and threatened abortion should also avoid eating.

  Collagen-rich foods (hooves, skins, etc.): Hoofs are foods of collagen and elastin.

Collagen can make the cells plump, thus filling the skin, reducing wrinkles and eating more is not good for the body.

  how to eat?

  Some gelatinous foods, such as beef tendon, chicken wings, chicken skin, fish skin, and cartilage, contain collagen.

But among these many types, fish collagen is the best, the composition structure is closest to the human body, and it is the collagen most easily absorbed by body tissues.

Chicken feet and duck feet are also rich in collagen. Frying them with them does not increase cholesterol or make people fat. It is also a good ingredient to supplement collagen.

  The collagen supplemented by the diet will give priority to meeting the needs of life maintenance and physiology, supplying bones, teeth, gums, blood or tendons, and finally it is the skin’s turn.

And in the process of food manufacturing or cooking, increasing the amount of acid and salt, slow cooking at high temperature, it is very easy to destroy the role of collagen.

In addition to being supplemented by diet, it can be supplemented with skin protein care products that are directly absorbed into the face, which have protective and anti-aging effects on the skin.