Food therapy to protect the spleen and stomach makes you gain weight

Food therapy to protect the spleen and stomach makes you gain weight

Symptoms: The body is too thin.

  method 1.

Eat too much but very thin, often drink yam glutinous rice porridge;

Long-term diarrhea caused by the body is lean and drink yam porridge;

The body weight loss caused by habitual constipation can eat ginseng stewed chicken.

  Maintaining normal weight is very important to the health of the human body.

In fact, the body can be divided into the following situations: people who eat too much but are very thin, the reason why the yam glutinous rice porridge is lean is probably the internal heat, so the internal heat is too high, the body energy consumption is too fast.In layman’s terms, it is accidental consumption.

Such friends do not necessarily eat less, but most of them are thinner from a small body.

In my daily life I recommend: 1.

Use 10 grams of chrysanthemum, raw land, 15 grams of each of Ophiopogon, and drink a cup every day.


Yam glutinous rice porridge is a classic therapeutic side. People who are hot and healthy can usually use this medicinal porridge to make up for it.

  The practice of yam glutinous rice porridge is very simple. Take 30 grams of yam and glutinous rice, 15 grams of heart lotus seeds, 10 pieces of nuclear jujube, 100 grams of millet, then mix these materials together, and add the right amount of sugar after porridge is cooked.Edible.

  Long-term diarrhea caused by lean body and more yam porridge due to long-term diarrhea caused by a thin body, this situation will occur in young, middle-aged, and old age.

At the same time, it will be accompanied by symptoms such as lack of stool, fatigue, fatigue and complexion.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood.

A person’s spleen and stomach function declines, the transport function is not strong, it will inevitably lead to his muscles are not plump, limbs are weak, the body is thin.

Therefore, if you are going to gain weight, you must first gain spleen.

  Yam nourishes the spleen, lungs, kidneys, and medicines. Therefore, if you have weak spleen and stomach, you should eat more yam porridge.

Choose 100 grams of yam, wash the slices, and porridge with 100 grams of the previous rice, both early and late.

  Habitual weight loss caused by habitual constipation can eat puppies stewed chicken habitual constipation is a common trouble for elderly friends, some elderly people due to constipation, poor appetite and physical loss.

Most people of the species are caused by insufficient stomach yin. At this time, you can bother to do a “Tokyo ginseng stewed chicken” to regulate.

  Specific practices: 90 grams of chicken, 30 grams of Radix Pseudostellariae, 15 grams of Chinese yam, 3 slices of ginger, wash the chicken to the fat, cut into small pieces.

Then put all the ingredients into the water, wait for the water to boil and simmer for about 40 minutes, seasoning.

90 grams of chicken is not much, just a few pieces, after stewing, eat two or three pieces per meal, or simply eat a meal.

Yam can also be eaten together, and the ginseng and ginger are free.

  Under normal circumstances, after eating for more than 20 days, constipation will improve, appetite will be much better, and weight loss will naturally improve significantly.