[Do you eat fat at night?]_ Dinner_Fat

[Do you eat fat at night?]_ Dinner_Fat

For those who have no appetite, what is the most appetizing?

I believe many people will think, spicy!

Indeed, occasionally a little spicy food can not only remove the body’s moisture, but also help appetizers, so the hot sticks that are ready to eat out of the bag are also popular with many people.

In addition, the taste of spicy bars can not be listed in many foods, and can also be eaten with some staple food.

So, will you get fat if you eat spicy bars at night?

Do you eat fat?

Spicy sticks are indeed junk food. Everyone knows that there are many unclean things in the process of making spicy sticks.

There are even a lot of bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye, and there are a lot of additives in that bar, even the raw materials he makes are not clean, so eating spicy bars for a long time will affect our health, and there are a lot of fats in the hot bars.And the universe, eating too much will make you fat.

Eating spicy food for a long time will increase appetite and cause skin acne.

Therefore, it is not recommended to eat spicy sticks often. If you occasionally eat it, it is still OK.

But don’t make a habit.

It is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits to help the body clear the toxins left by eating hot strips.

The dangers of eating spicy strips often: First, you should not eat more fried foods.

When we buy a pack of spicy sticks, we will find that they are oily. Sometimes after eating the spicy sticks, the mouth will not be oily, and the hands will be covered with oil. These are processed by oil immersion or deep-fried.of.
Because the use of fats and oils will enhance the taste of spicy strips, and it will taste fragrant, which makes people overwhelmed by the tendency to overeat.

Therefore, eating spicy strips is easy to gain weight, and it is also very harmful to the body!

Second, oil is unhealthy.

The producers of hot bars are generally small workshops. In such an environment, the quality of the fat used in food production is absolutely acceptable to us.

Inferior expired oil or repeatedly used trench oil has strong carcinogenicity. Frequently eating spicy bars made with this oil will increase the risk of cancer.

Third, there are many pigments.

To make spicy bars attractive, it is difficult to achieve it with pepper alone. This requires colorants in food additives to help, such as carmine.

These food additives have strict regulations on the amount of use, but small workshops are really difficult to monitor.

Fourth, the production environment is unhygienic.

In addition, small packages of hot sticks are generally cheaper and cheaper to attract student parties to buy. They are mostly 5 yuan and 1 yuan. In order to ensure the profit of each transformation, it is difficult to meet the national requirements in terms of production environment and worker requirements.Some security risks.