What are the symptoms of vaginitis?

What are the symptoms of vaginitis?

Common vaginitis is bacterial vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, senile vaginitis.

Clinically, the leucorrhea changes and the genital itching and burning are the main clinical features. Sexual pain is also common. When the infection involves the urethra, there may be symptoms such as dysuria and urgency.

So, what are the symptoms of vaginitis?

First, bacterial vaginosis 1, symptoms of this disease patients about 10% clinical?
50% asymptomatic, symptomatic people complained of grayish white leucorrhea with fishy smell, vaginal burning sensation, ulcer itching.

2, the body secretions are easy to wipe off the vaginal wall, the vaginal mucosa can be no congestion, no redness.

3, common complications and gynecological cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease occur simultaneously, often with trichomonas vaginitis, it is reported that 86% of women with positive culture of trichomoniasis combined with this disease.

In addition, bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy can often lead to poor perinatal outcomes such as chorioamnionitis, amniotic fluid infection, premature rupture of membranes, premature delivery and endometrial infection after cesarean section or vaginal delivery.

  Second, trichomonas vaginitis 1, symptoms of increased vaginal discharge, can be a thin slurry, gray-yellow or yellow-green, sometimes mixed with blood, 20% vaginal discharge with foam.

The vulva has itching, burning, and sexual pain. It is also common when the infection affects the urethra. It can have dysuria, urgency, and even hematuria.

2, physical examination of the disease can be seen in the vagina and cervical mucosa congestion and edema, often scattered red spots, or strawberry-like combination, after the Qianlong has a lot of vaginal discharge.

3, common complications Trichomonas can consume epithelial glycogen, change the pH value in the vagina, remove the growth of lactobacilli, it is easy to cause secondary bacterial infection, at this time the leucorrhea is grass green, smelly.

 Third, Candida vaginitis 1, symptoms: The most common symptoms are more leucorrhea, vulva and vaginal burning itching.

It affects the urethra and can also have frequent urination.

Urgency, dysuria and other symptoms.

2, physical signs: typical leucorrhea is curd-like or flaky, vaginal and vaginal vestibular mucosa is highly edematous, covered with a white curd-like film, distributed in spots or flakes, easy to peel, under the damaged flushed red base, orForm an ulcer, or leave ecchymoses, severe swelling of the labia minora.

However, the leucorrhea does not all have the above-mentioned typical characteristics, from the water sample to the curd-like leucorrhea, if some are completely thin and clear serous leakage,