Yuanyang: High non-slip yoga mat (08 deep purple flower 7MM)

Yuanyang: High non-slip yoga mat (08 deep purple flower 7MM)

Product description: Market price: 102.

00 Brand: Yuanyang Yoga Specification: Length: 173cm Width: 61cm Thickness: 7mm Weight: 1500g Commodity Color: Deep Purple Origin: Jiangsu Commodity Material: PVC Foam (PVC content up to 96%) Material Introduction: PVC is a chemical raw materialThe name is a raw material.

However, PVC was not sufficiently soft and slippery before foaming, and had a cushioning effect. Only after it was foamed could finished products such as yoga mats and non-slip mats be produced.

  Product introduction: Yuanyang Advanced Yoga Mat has passed the “China National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Qualification Report”, and its quality is non-toxic and odorless and meets EU inspection standards.

  High thickness-This product uses double-sided embossed non-slip, double-layer thickness, up to seven centimeters in thickness, higher than any brand on the urban surface; effectively block the ground cold; strong grip, tiled, better protect your body andThe joints, showing care in the details, are the best yoga aids for beginners.

  High anti-slip property-This product’s high material and high thickness are suitable for mats with top-grade anti-slip effect. Double-sided embossed non-slip, no matter which side can provide you with the most comprehensive protection.

Effectively prevent injuries to your body caused by sudden slipping during exercise.

  High usage rate-it will not become thin and deformed even after long use, it is resistant to abrasion, and it is non-toxic and tasteless.

  High convenience-light weight, small size, easy to carry, is your most intimate yoga sport companion.

  High selectivity-each place has been carefully designed, repeatedly considered, there are multiple colors to choose from, choose different colors to enter you into different moods, so that you can feel the nature among the “green mountains and green waters” and bring a healthy body and peaceThe harmony of mind is perfectly integrated.

  Instructions for use: 1. Yoga mats are auxiliary supplies for doing yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground and do yoga exercises on it to prevent injuries to the spine, feet, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

After doing the exercises, you can roll up the yoga mat, lock it with a hair button, put it in a backpack, and keep it hygienic.

  2. Do not wash or soak. Use clean water to scrub when cleaning (or add a small amount of neutral detergent).

  3. When the yoga mat leaves the factory, it is rolled into a roll. It is packed in a shrink-wrapped film. It is sealed. It will have a slight odor of raw materials after opening.Use again later.